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Oakleigh Report

In September 2014, the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) and the British Academy announced the results of a detailed survey into the issues faced by Arts and Humanities researchers in the period immediately following completion of a PhD. This page will keep an account of the ongoing discussion surrounding the findings of this report, and any developments that come out of it. The AHRC published a press release summarising the main findings of the report when it was first published. The full report (PDF, 837KB) can also be downloaded.

Vitae Conference Workshop

Dr Sue Carver (AHRC) and Professor Nigel Vincent FBA gave a presentation about the report at the Vitae Conference Workshop on 9 September 2014. A note on the presentation is available (PDF).

Annual Subject Associations Event

Dr Ian Lyne (AHRC) gave a presentation referencing the report at the AHRC's annual Subject Associations meeting, help on 25th September 2014. Slides from this presentation can be viewed (opens in a new window).

Connecting Epistemologies

Dr Sue Carver (AHRC) gave a presentation at this event, which also launched the ‘Connecting Epistemologies’ final report and included a presentation on ECR experiences of the Connected Communities Programme. A summary of the day can be found on the AHRC Connected Communities Early Career Researchers project blog.

Vitae Research Staff Conference

In November 2014, Dr Sue Carver gave a presentation on the Oakleigh Report at the Vitae Research Staff conference in Bristol. The seminar group was comprised of Early Career Researchers (ECRs), doctoral students, and researcher development staff. The key points of the post-presentation discussion have been summarised (PDF).

Research Careers and Training Advisory Group and Network

The Research Careers and Training Advisory Group (RCTAG) and Network discussed the finding of the Oakleigh report at their annual meeting in November. A summary of the main points arising from the meeting is available (PDF, 41KB).

“You’re an AHRC Postdoc: What Next?”

In 2015, the AHRC organised an event for postdoctoral researchers supported through AHRC grants, to discuss the career issues facing this group, to enable networking, and to provide a forum for them to contribute to AHRC policy and wider thinking. A summary of the discussions is available (PDF, 33KB).

Vitae Researcher Developer International Conference 2015

Dr James Lees gave a presentation at a Vitae Conference workshop on 8 September 2015 about the issues facing the ‘hidden ECRs’ who pursue research careers while employed in non-research posts in Higher Education. A summary of this presentation and workshop is available (PDF, 22KB).