Research Careers and Training Advisory Group

The AHRC’s Research Careers and Training Advisory Group (RCTAG) was established in January 2013 and provides advice on postgraduate support and career development for researchers, and on future strategy in these areas.

Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference for the Group are as follows:

  1. To provide advice to the AHRC on postgraduate and researcher development matters - including both advising on the AHRC’s longer-term strategy in this area, as well as alerting the AHRC to issues and developments in the university sector
  2. To advise the AHRC on skills-development needs in discipline areas both within and outside academia. For example, health of discipline concerns and ways in which these might be addressed
  3. To provide advice on existing or developing schemes, as required, as they evolve to meet emerging needs.


The Group normally meets three times a year; twice as RCTAG and also at an annual event with the wider Research Careers and Training Network (RCTAN), a body of some 70 representatives drawn from the backgrounds detailed above. Group and Network members are also consulted on issues outside of the formal meetings.

Group Members

The Group reports to the AHRC’s Advisory Board, and its advice forms the basis of policy development within the AHRC. Members of the Group include:

  • arts and humanities academic staff
  • doctoral students
  • early career researchers
  • representatives from non-academic sectors with a strong interest in the arts and humanities.

Appointments are made for an initial period of two years. In years when recruitment to the Group takes place, a call is circulated in October/November via AHRC mailing lists, and information is posted on the main page of the AHRC website.

Summaries of RCTAG activities