PhD Students

The AHRC supports high-quality PhD students working in the best research and training environments. These students will form the next generation of researchers and skilled professionals. We offer a number of funding opportunities, which support PhD students’ study, training and development in a variety of ways.

Our block grant awards are given to universities, or consortia of universities, which recruit PhD students to AHRC-funded places. We do not fund students directly; prospective students should contact the institution at which they wish to study.

Collaborative awards offer the opportunity for a PhD student to work with a non-academic partner, and to build employment skills. Placements and internships provide unique access to resources and contacts.

Case studies

Anne-Marie Eze - Director of Scholarly and Public Programmes

Anne-Marie Eze

It’s an unparalleled experience in many ways when it comes to problem solving. Doing a PhD certainly gives you that skill”

says Anne-Marie who did her PhD at The Courtauld Institute of Art and the British Library.

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Justine Reilly - founder and Director of Sporting Heritage

Justine Reilly

I never wanted my PhD to be something that sat on the shelf - I wanted to do research that I could take out into the world and use to make a difference”

says Dr Reilly who did her PhD at the University of Central Lancashire.

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John Miles - founder and CTO of Inkpath Ltd.

John Miles

Without my PhD there's no way I'd be doing what I do now and that's as much to do with the broader skills I've learned – such as independent learning and discovering my own drive – as the PhD itself”

says Dr Miles who did his PhD at the University of Oxford.

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