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ECR interviews


Susan Oman – How ECR funding can help empower the arts sector to tackle inequalities through data

Susan Osman

“Many people who work in the sector are convinced that ‘they can’t do data’ or that the arts and culture sector is a fairer and more equal space than it is.”

says Dr Oman from the University of Sheffield who has developed a new process to improve inequality measurement, including class background, in the UK cultural sector.

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Steve Ashby – How ECR funding can help broaden your area of expertise

Dr Steve Ashby

“I am now viewed a little differently both within my specialist peer group, and in my academic department.”

says Dr Steve Ashby who is a Medieval Archaeologist with specialism in the archaeology of portable material culture and technology.

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Richard Bramwell – Making connections is key

Richard Bramwell

“I think the key to success is being able to see your research in context - and making connections between what you have done and what other people are studying.”

says Dr Richard Bramwell, a Lecturer in Communication and Media Studies at Loughborough University.

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Rayna Denison – Making global connections through Early Career Research

Rayna Denison

“Talk to people. Go to conferences, make connections and talk to people about developing joint projects that you can work on together.”

says Dr Rayna Denison - Senior Lecturer at the University of East Anglia.

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Alinka Greasley – Making the most of a unique opportunity

Alinka Greasley

“…above all, don't be afraid to reach out and talk to those with more experience. As an ECR it's easy to fall into the trap of thinking that you should know everything, and you really don't.””

says Dr Alinka Greasley, Associate Professor in Music Psychology at the University of Leeds.

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