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Journal articles

13 Aug 2014 - It is not usually possible to include a logo in a journal article but we do expect that it is clearly stated that your research was supported by the

North East

10 Sep 2015 -

Global Uncertainties

13 Apr 2015 - http //www paccsresearch org uk/

Follow on Fund for Impact and Engagement October 2015

1 Aug 2016 - Meeting date 29th October 2015 Dr Anxo Cereijo Roibas The Home Office Professor Krista Cowman University of Lincoln

Uncovering the Invisible: Portraits of Latin Americans in the UK

16 Jun 2014 - Uncovering the Invisible Portraits of Latin Americans in London is a photographic collaboration between British Mexican photographers Pablo and Roxana

Freelancers in the Creative Digital IT Economy PDF 5.3MB [Brighton Fuse 2]

16 Jun 2015 - http //www brightonfuse com/wp content/uploads/2015/01/brighton fuse2 online pdf

Lost in translation: Using indigenous languages to improve access to rights in Peru

26 Feb 2018 - Research Grant Standard project title Translated cultures and the legislated mediation of indigenous rights in Peru PI Rosleen Howard

Smithsonian Collections [Smithsonian]

2 Jun 2015 - http //www si edu/Collections

Cultural Value Project - Geoff Crossicks Town Meeting Presentation [SlideShare]

22 Jun 2015 - http //www slideshare net/AHRC/cultural value project geoff crossicks town meeting presentation

Innovate UK Technology Strategy Board [GOV.UK]

20 May 2015 - https //www gov uk/government/organisations/innovate uk