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Addressing the challenge of Antimicrobial Resistance in India

09-Aug-2017 - Antimicrobial resistance and specifically antibacterial resistance is an increasingly serious threat to public and animal health as well as the environment

AHRC-MRC Global Public Health: Global Challenge Research Fund Partnership Awards Call 2

07-Aug-2017 - health systems or services Culturally informed stratified medicine/ public health or early interventions / targeting or tailoring health measures to

Funding Call: Multilingualism: Empowering Individuals, Transforming Societies MEITS

11-Jul-2017 - Multilingualism and cognition implications for motivation health and well being This is the first of two calls for funding to encourage other researchers

AHRC-MRC Global Public Health: Global Challenge Research Fund Partnership Awards

27-Feb-2017 - AHRC MRC Global Public Health Workshop Session 4 – Panel Discussion from AHRC Films on Vimeo

Antimicrobial Resistance AMR in the Real World: The Indoor and Built Environment

18-Nov-2016 - medicines that have been designed to kill them or stop their growth and is recognised as one of the most important global issues for human and animal health

New Generation Thinkers 2017

09-Sep-2016 - This can be seen in both cross council programmes Connected Communities and Life Long Health and Wellbeing

Global Challenges Research Fund: Building Resilience

17-Jun-2016 - into account the intersections and relationships with other contexts such as conflict and fragility poverty and famine urbanisation economics and health

Evidence Centre for UK Housing

23-May-2016 - the economy Understanding housing markets demand and need supply and delivery Housing aspirations choices and outcomes Housing poverty health

GCRF Foundation Awards for Non-Communicable Disease NCDs

20-May-2016 - food and nutrition malnutrition obesity and physical activity and cultural factors with a focus on maintaining health Environmental change &ndash

Tackling antimicrobial resistance: behaviour within and beyond the healthcare setting

20-May-2016 - AHRC along with the National Institute for Health Research NIHR the Medical Research Council MRC the Department for Environment Food and Rural