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The Oral Contraceptive Trade in Britain

30-Sep-2014 - Print Marketing Collateral 1961 1969 The historic oral contraceptive is frequently invoked as a homogenous agent of change a static object from which

Being Human Festival

17-Feb-2015 - Being Human is the UK’s only national festival dedicated to demonstrating the breadth diversity and vitality of the humanities During the inaugural

Harry Ransom Center

13-Apr-2015 - http //www hrc utexas edu/

Preserving the past, shaping the future

27-Mar-2019 - How will we remember the present in the future What should we preserve And what should we let go Heritage Futures includes a wide range

First Professor in Residence at The London Jazz Festival

21-Oct-2014 - Professor George McKay Leadership Fellow for the Connected Communities programme is the first academic ever to be appointed ‘Professor

Results of competition: Data exploration - creating new insight and value - Collaborative R&D PDF [TSB]

11-Jun-2015 - https //interact innovateuk org/documents/1524978/1866952/Data 20exploration 20 20creating 20new 20insight 20and 20value 20 20Competition 20results

Exploring World War One and its legacy - Engagement Centres announced

21-Feb-2014 - Five new World War One Engagement Centres were announced by the Arts and Humanities Research Council AHRC today In partnership with the Heritage

University of Exeter

13-May-2015 - http //www exeter ac uk/

Arab Shakespeare

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Translating Cultures Innovation Grants

17-Apr-2015 - Meeting date 23rd June 2014 Chair Professor Mark Llewellyn AHRC Director of Research Dr Duncan Large University of East Anglia Dr Kirsty