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Can't count sheep? You could have aphantasia

26-Aug-2015 - “see” things in her mind s eye in a way that he could not

Building for mass car ownership

20-Feb-2014 - Government policy on how future new housing estates should be designed could be shaped by new research on parking

UK Droughts and Water Scarcity research programme

08-Mar-2013 - A new funding opportunity for environment related research that could include arts and humanities perspectives has just been announced

New research project uncovers the nature of opportunities for UK publishers and writers in China

27-May-2015 - New research findings published today explore how our book industry could break into this challenging international market following extensive research

Where Next? Scoping Future Arts and Humanities Led Research

16-Jan-2020 - pleased to announce a new call for interdisciplinary scoping studies which will explore and develop ideas for interdisciplinary research areas which could

Music app is 'magic meeting technology'

09-Jul-2015 -   The album app could prove to be an important development for the commercial music industry

In conversation with... Professor Keri Facer

31-Jul-2017 - Fellow for Connected Communities Professor Keri Facer discusses the benefits of collaboration and how drawing on expertise from outside universities could

Arts and humanities researchers gain new insight into working with policy-makers

05-Mar-2019 - will challenge attending academics to consider the role of research in policy and encourage them to look for opportunities in which their own research could

The Future of the Book

24-Apr-2019 - “Could the rise of technology actually contribute to the medium in a creative way

Medical care during the First World War – how hospitals managed the influx of injured soldiers

07-Nov-2018 - However the state could not look after them all with many having to rely on charitable institutions or family