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Rare Sherlock pieces on show for the first time

Katharine, a student at the University of Portsmouth, has curated a new display case for the permanent exhibition A Study in Sherlock at Portsmouth Museum (free entry, open 10am–5.30pm, Tuesday to Sunday and on bank holiday Mondays). Katharine's display is based on the history of Sherlock Holmes fandom and covers the period from 1887 to the present. The display was opened on 21 April and some objects from the display are featured here.

The objects Katharine used are from the Arthur Conan Doyle Collection, Richard Lancelyn Green Bequest and features a number of Sherlock Holmes artefacts including a very rare set of Sherlock Holmes postcards from 1903.

Author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle created his famous detective while working in the city of Portsmouth, and 12 years ago world-renowned scholar Richard Lancelyn Green bequeathed a unique collection of 59,000 artefacts to the council. Katharine has been working on the collection as part of her PhD research, funded by an Arts and Humanities Research Council scheme to promote collaboration between universities and other organisations, such as the council's museums service. As part of her collaborative project with Portsmouth City Council, Katharine has organised and assisted in a number of public events, including exhibitions and a family ‘crime scene investigation’ event, which also involved the Institute of Criminal Justice Studies at the University of Portsmouth. Katharine also co-organised a postgraduate conference on collectors and collecting at the university, supported by the Centre for Studies in Literature.

Katharine is a third-year student at the University of Portsmouth’s School of Social, Historical and Literary Studies and her thesis examines early British Sherlock Holmes fandom from 1887 to 1930, looking in particular at the role of the The Strand Magazine in fan culture. The objects presented in the display have been instrumental to Katharine’s PhD research.

  • Image of 'The Blue Carbuncle' Fan Art
    'The Blue Carbuncle' Fan Art about 'The Blue Carbuncle' Fan Art
  • Image of Persian Slipper
    Persian Slipper about Persian Slipper
  • Image of Souvenir of the Reichenbach Falls
    Souvenir of the Reichenbach Falls about Souvenir of the Reichenbach Falls
  • Image of Bust of Napoleon
    Bust of Napoleon about Bust of Napoleon
  • Image of Sherlock Holmes in Advertising
    Sherlock Holmes in Advertising about Sherlock Holmes in Advertising
  • Image of Bust of Jeremy Brett
    Bust of Jeremy Brett about Bust of Jeremy Brett
  • Image of Baker Street Studies
    Baker Street Studies about Baker Street Studies
  • Image of Sherlock Holmes Statue Book
    Sherlock Holmes Statue Book about Sherlock Holmes Statue Book
  • Image of Baker Street Post-box Insert
    Baker Street Post-box Insert about Baker Street Post-box Insert
  • Image of Sherlock Holmes Postcards
    Sherlock Holmes Postcards about Sherlock Holmes Postcards
  • Image of Sherlock Holmes Fan Art
    Sherlock Holmes Fan Art about Sherlock Holmes Fan Art