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Mapping Mapusa Market

This image gallery charts a day in the life of Mapusa Market, Goa, India. ‘Mapping Mapusa Market’ is a collaborative research project supported by the AHRC, the British Council and the ‘Unbox’ Festival in India.

Mapusa Market is a typical local Indian market: a vibrant hub of commerce and human interaction. But it is also distinctive and unique. The original planned architecture, built in 1961 has been added to with new buildings to house the fish and meat markets. But much of the infrastructure is little changed in fifty years and is showing signs of neglect and disrepair.

Every Friday the market swells as hundreds of ‘day vendors’ arrive from across Goa. They set up improvised pitches selling home-grown produce, Goan delicacies, spices, toddy and other local goods. The array of merchandise is reflected in the diversity of market users who come in their thousands to do business and socialise in the vibrant atmosphere. But whilst Mapusa market is a thriving commercial environment it is a fragile organism. Recent relaxation on foreign investment laws, ‘FDI’, allow international supermarkets to penetrate the Indian retail environment for the first time. Whilst it is estimated that over 80% of Indian retailers are still independent, this is set to change. Goan’s increasing purchasing power and changing tastes will bring new expectations and demands. Controversial plans announced in 2014 to close the market and open on a new site are on hold, but thousands of livelihoods could be at stake.

This research aims to document the market in new ways including through creative interventions. It is a collaboration between researchers and freelance designers and artists from India and the UK and demonstrates how, over ten years, the AHRC has broadened its geographic reach, partners and the richness of its international collaborations.

The project was conducted on-site in the market place between 2012 and 2015 and was led by Professor Orijit Sen (Goa University), Bahbak Hashemi Nezahd (Royal College of Art), Stanzin Losal a Delhi-based designer and Professor Andrew Burton (Newcastle University). It featured contributions from many of Goa’s leading artists and designers. The full resource of information and projects can be found at www.mapusamarket.net

  • Image of Mapusa Market
    Mapusa Market about Mapusa Market
  • Image of Cleaning Troop
    Cleaning Troop about Cleaning Troop
  • Image of Friday Market Day Vendor
    Friday Market Day Vendor about Friday Market Day Vendor
  • Image of The Market at 9.00am
    The Market at 9.00am about The Market at 9.00am
  • Image of Overview
    Overview about Overview
  • Image of Plastic Flowers
    Plastic Flowers about Plastic Flowers
  • Image of Fish Market
    Fish Market about Fish Market
  • Image of Ceramic Ware Market
    Ceramic Ware Market about Ceramic Ware Market
  • Image of Goan chouriço sellers
    Goan chouriço sellers about Goan chouriço sellers
  • Image of Sewing Machine Repairs
    Sewing Machine Repairs about Sewing Machine Repairs
  • Image of Chilli Stall
    Chilli Stall about Chilli Stall
  • Image of Drum Seller
    Drum Seller about Drum Seller
  • Image of Polio
    Polio about Polio
  • Image of Ganesh Chaturthi
    Ganesh Chaturthi about Ganesh Chaturthi
  • Image of Midnight
    Midnight about Midnight