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This exhibition looks at the ways in which we can work with and within the earth. It follows my own personal exploration through the layers of the geological and archaeological, the natural and cultural. This multidisciplinary path has allowed narratives and understandings of the land to be woven across spatial and temporal scales. Small stories offer another way of comprehending bigger concepts, and giving space to other voices can bring a richer understanding of landscapes.

From the surface down deep into the ground, the ways in which these stories are told through text and image, highlights the need for imaginative communication. Images need not be used just to illustrate text. Rather, text and image can be used playfully to open up questions, draw curiosity and elicit different responses. 

The images range across my work in archaeology and cultural geography. They highlight different facets of the landscape and how they might be explored and communicated. Many were generated during my PhD, a CDA between the University of Exeter and the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site. I have researched the cultural geologies of this coastline, delving into ways of understanding landscape through working with stone. I used visual explorations as part of ethnographic work with quarrymen and geologists. Photography and drawing were a way of understanding complex ideas about landscape and in turn being able to communicate those to others. 

My research has been supported by the AHRC throughout my career. The opportunities I have been given to experiment, cross fields and think about different ways of working have been invaluable and rare. It is not always easy working at the boundaries of subjects, but the support I have had to do it has allowed my work to move in fascinating new directions. 

​Rose Ferraby, University of Exeter

  • Image of Landforms
    Landforms about Landforms
  • Image of Prehistoric Encounter
    Prehistoric Encounter about Prehistoric Encounter
  • Image of Field Forms
    Field Forms about Field Forms
  • Image of Remote Sensing
    Remote Sensing about Remote Sensing
  • Image of Excavation
    Excavation about Excavation
  • Image of Green Stone Axe
    Green Stone Axe about Green Stone Axe
  • Image of Purbeck Underground
    Purbeck Underground about Purbeck Underground
  • Image of Portland Mine
    Portland Mine about Portland Mine
  • Image of Cliff Quarry
    Cliff Quarry about Cliff Quarry
  • Image of Green Purbeck Marble
    Green Purbeck Marble about Green Purbeck Marble
  • Image of Exeter Cathedral
    Exeter Cathedral about Exeter Cathedral
  • Image of Lettercutting
    Lettercutting about Lettercutting
  • Image of Sculpture
    Sculpture about Sculpture
  • Image of Ichthyosaur
    Ichthyosaur about Ichthyosaur
  • Image of Purbeck Collection
    Purbeck Collection about Purbeck Collection