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Picturing Politics: Exploring the Political Posters in Britain

During 20th century elections, political posters wallpapered our streets, providing political parties an opportunity to ‘speak’ to the masses. Despite the onset of digital technology, posters still provided some of the resonant images of the 2010 election.

This short film was recorded at recent exhibition displaying over 60 iconic examples of British political posters. Extensive research, undertaken by PhD student Chris Burgess and funded by the AHRC, enabled the exhibition to explore the development of the political poster and examine one of the key aspects of our democracy: how parties speak to the people and how this communication has changed over time.

The exhibition also illustrated for the first time how some of these significant posters developed from the original concept of the party leader, to the final image seen by the general public.

The research for this exhibition is part of an ongoing collaboration between the People’s History Museum and the University of Nottingham and is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

Publish date Runtime
08/08/2012 5.45