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Care for the Future: The Big Heritage Debate

This year, 2013, is the centenary of a landmark moment for Britain’s heritage. The passing of the Ancient Monuments Amendment and Consolidation Act of 1913 recognised for the first time that there are physical remains of the nation’s history which are so special and so significant that the State has a duty to ensure their continued survival. Yet as perceptions of our past have evolved over the past 100 years so too have views about which aspects of heritage are significant, what should be protected and how our past should inform our present and future.

To mark the centenary the Arts and Humanities Research Council, English Heritage, the National Trust and the Society of Antiquaries worked on a conference to bring together leading figures from the heritage sector with leading academic researchers.

As part of the conference a public debate was held to discuss the motion “This house believes that future care for our heritage requires Government as our champion”.

This film captures the essence of the partnership and considered what efforts have been required to preserve our heritage in the past, and what efforts might be required in the future.

The Debate was held under the AHRC’s Care for the Future theme: ‘Care for the Future: Thinking Forward through the Past’ is an opportunity for researchers in the arts and humanities to generate new novel understandings of the relationship between the past and the future, and the challenges and opportunities of the present.

Watch the film for an overview of the event or click the following link to watch the live stream footage that was recorded on the day (opens in new window).

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22/11/2013 7.39