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Building the Picture

Architecture in Italian Renaissance Painting

The latest film from the AHRC examines how research funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council has underpinned a major new exhibition at the National Gallery.

Building the Picture: Architecture in Italian Renaissance Painting, is the first exhibition in Britain to explore the role of architecture within painting, and focuses on Italian Renaissance painting of the 14th, 15th and 16th centuries.

Building the Picture: Architecture in Italian Renaissance Painting aims to increase visitors’ appreciation and understanding of some of the most beautiful and architectonic paintings by Italian masters such as Duccio, Botticelli, Crivelli and their contemporaries. The exhibition which is on for the duration of the summer 2014 is completely free. Visitors will be encouraged to look in new ways at buildings depicted in paintings, and to investigate how artists invented spaces in mind and paint that transcended the reality of bricks, mortar and marble.

The exhibition offers a fresh interpretation of some of the National Gallery’s own Italian Renaissance collections. In addition, Building the Picture will include the Venetian master Sebastiano del Piombo’s The Judgement of Solomon (Kingston Lacy, The Bankes Collection, National Trust), on display in London for the first time in 30 years, and ‘The Ruskin Madonna’ by Andrea del Verrocchio (National Gallery of Scotland).

In the film we hear from Amanda Lillie, the University of York, and Caroline Campbell, the National Gallery’s Curator of Italian Paintings before 1500. Both women give their perspectives of the exhibition and shine a light on what research has brought to the project.

Building the Picture: Architecture in Italian Renaissance Painting is also available in the form of a freely available online catalogue produced by the National Gallery to accompany the exhibition. The catalogue can be viewed here:

For further information, view the exhibition catalogue (opens in new window).

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