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Arts and Humanities in Video Games

This short film from the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) takes a look at the exciting and increasing partnerships between arts and humanities researchers, and the video games industry.

The film examines the AHRC’s Videogames Research Network – which is bringing together arts and humanities researchers, researchers from other disciplines, and videogames developers to explore ideas and maximise opportunities for bringing new insights, creativity and knowledge to the video games industry - to deliver mutual benefits.

The Video Games Research Network builds on the success of an earlier AHRC-funded project by Dan Pinchbeck at the University of Portsmouth. In 2006 Dan received research grant from the AHRC to research the concept of narrative in video games. But instead of publishing an academic paper, he made a game. Dear Esther, was an unprecedented success, winning awards for storytelling and visual art, and receiving accolades from reviewers worldwide.

Dear Esther was also a runaway commercial success, recouping its development costs within just six hours of going on sale in February 2012. For the AHRC it was an indication of an important and emerging area for arts and humanities academics, and from that, the idea for a Videogames Research Network was conceived.

Publish date Runtime
19/11/2014 6.02