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Being Human Takeover: Lose yourself and find yourself in the Being Human Festival

What does it mean to be human in 2017?

The world we thought we knew suddenly seems unfamiliar, but what exactly have we lost? What might we have found in the process?

You have the chance to find out Being Human Festival launches this week.

Organised by the School of Advanced Study at the University of London and run in partnership with the AHRC and The British Academy, this celebration of the humanities highlights the richness and vitality of research and the ways it addresses the big questions facing society.

From the idea of a united Europe to the history of the British empire; from globalisation to ‘left behind’ communities and places; debates around Brexit and national sovereignty to environmental fears to imagined futures, the festival explores how research is helping us to navigate a new and unfamiliar world.

Humanities research can illuminate diverse histories, recover lost stories from the archives, breathe life into endangered languages, reclaim ‘lost’ novels, artworks and cultures, and preserve and illuminate our past for future generations.

Being Human takes place from 17 to 25 November across the country with events taking place across the UK.

More than 300 have been lined up by some 90 institutions including universities, galleries, museums, publishers, community groups and education funding bodies.

You can find out more about the festival at https://beinghumanfestival.org/ and follow the latest news on Twitter at @BeingHumanFest. 

We’ve let the organisers of Being Human take over the AHRC website so you can check out lots of fascinating updates from festival.

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