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Read, Watch and Listen

Standing the test of time

A major AHRC project is collecting the religious works of the one of the most important poets of the Renaissance.

Mackintosh Architecture

This film, the most recent in a series of films being commissioned to mark the AHRC's 10th anniversary, looks at a project that was funded by the AHRC in 2010. The Mackintosh Architecture project is a five year project that has been investigating the architecture of the celebrated Scottish architect, artist and designer, Charles Rennie Mackintosh (1868 – 1928).


This image gallery looks at the ways in which we can work with and within the earth.

Discordant Notes, 1927-31

The first AHRC Image Gallery of 2015 looks at the Musicians’ Union campaign to safeguard members’ employment in the 1920s and 30s.

China: Cultural Encounters

A film looking at how the AHRC is leading the way in bringing together UK/Chinese academic partners in the arts, humanities, and creative industries. 


Research-inspired fiction

Our latest feature article looks at Julia Golding, whose DPhil lay the groundwork for an award-winning career writing children's literature.

Picturing China: An AHRC 10th Anniversary film

In the second of a series of specially commissioned films to mark our 10th Anniversary year, we look back to 2006 and the ‘Historical Photographs of China’ project at the University of Bristol.

Being Human Festival

Being Human is the UK’s only national festival dedicated to demonstrating the breadth, diversity and vitality of the humanities.

Neolithic Stepping Stones

An AHRC project has revealed how Neolithic settlers travelled across Britain’s western seaways.

Selecting excellence

For over a decade, the Peer Review College has helped ensure that the best research proposals are those that receive funding. We talked to three of the PRC’s longest-serving members about the work of the College.

Glasgow's shooting star

Our latest feature article is about a project investigating one of Glasgow's finest creative talents - architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

Intellectual Capitol

Our first tenth anniversary case study looks at Jenny Woodley, one of the first researchers to benefit from the International Placement Scheme.

Translation Games

The interdisciplinary project Translation Games explores the theory and practice of translation within literature and the fine arts via public workshops, exhibitions and rule-based games.

Immersed in Punchdrunk

An AHRC-funded doctoral student has been the first to benefit from being embedded in an innovative theatre company.

David Livingstone’s 1871 Field Diary

A gallery looking at a project that marks the first use of spectral imaging with a nineteenth century artefact - the letters and notes of explorer and missionary Dr. David Livingstone.


Italian Academies

Our latest feature looks at a project cataloguing books which were published by Italian Academies from the 16th century onwards, and which have been deposited at the British Library.

Design in the Archives

A gallery bringing together a unique collection of images featuring ornamental designs for textiles and wallpapers from the 19th Century.

Arts and Humanities in Video Games

This short film looks at the exciting and increasing partnerships between arts and humanities researchers and the video games industry.

Heroes in stone and bronze

Our latest feature looks at how British sculptors rose to the challenge of commemorating the fallen of the First World War.

Whose Remembrance?

A research project tells the largely forgotten story of the contribution of soldiers from Britain’s former colonies in the two world wars

Humanising the past

A Northern Irish theatre company is showing how theatre can humanise the past and hold up a different lens to what we think we know.

The Lyminge Archaeological Project

Our latest film investigates the Lyminge Archaeological Project – an ambitious programme of archaeology taking place on the village green of Lyminge in Kent.

Ming: 50 years that changed China

Our latest film demonstrates how AHRC-funded research has underpinned a major exhibition exploring a golden age in China’s history.

A History of Digital Art

An image gallery exploring the emergence of computer art its connections with contemporary digital practices.

Hidden Florence

A new app allows visitors to Florence to explore the city's past using modern technology.


An image gallery looking at objects as manuscripts in the English archaeological collections of General Pitt-Rivers

Opposition to War

An AHRC-funded network is exploring an under-researched topic - pacifism and anti-militarism during and after the First World War.