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Read, Watch and Listen

An Englishwoman's life

More than a decade after it received AHRC funding, a digitisation project continues to impact across the world

2014 Galleries

These are the image galleries which were published in 2014.

Stonehenge: A Decade of Discovery

Research funded by the AHRC which has overturned previously held views on the origins and the history of the UK’s foremost prehistoric monument is directly feeding into the visitors’ centre to be launched at Stonehenge this week

The stories of Great Expectations

Dickens’ novel has exceeded expectations to become one of his most-adapted works. It has inspired everything from films, plays, pop songs and musicals. A researcher has been considering the novel’s global reach, impact and relevance

Mandela, icon

An AHRC-funded research project, ‘Nelson Mandela: postcolonial thinker, postmodern icon, modern world leader’, critically appraised the South African leader’s significance. In the wake of his death, Elleke Boehmer considers again the man behind Mandela.

A story untold

A look at the life of Joan Whittington, post-war pioneer of the British Red Cross

AHRC's International Placement Scheme

It's certainly true to say that travel broadens the mind, and for anyone undertaking research, the opportunity to explore internationally renowned archives is one not to be missed.

Living in a multilingual world

A project seeks to equip the next generation of linguistics researchers with the skills to successfully engage with communities in which at least four different languages are used daily.

Brighton Fuse

The AHRC has produced four short animations about the Brighton Fuse Report.

Windows on War

An Image Gallery illustrating long Russian graphic tradition

Finding a voice

An AHRC project has helped a Scottish charity in its work with prisoners suffering from mental health problems

The historian of crisis

A four-year project is exploring a historian whose thought remains at the forefront of contemporary debates about democracy, war and much else