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Because I Am A Girl

Because I Am A Girl (Blue)

In 2015, the team behind Femme Fierce (the World's Largest All Female Graffiti Street Festival) worked with Women of the World (WOW) and Plan International UK to create a series of murals against forced marriage. This project was part of Plan International’s worldwide campaign ‘Because I am a Girl’.
Artist: Zina.
Country: United Kingdom.
Rights: Image courtesy of Rob Wilson Jnr from Inspiring City.

Find out more by visiting http://rightsandjustice.nottingham.ac.uk/items/show/224

Becoming a broadcaster: Interview with New Generation Thinker Dr Joanne Paul

At about this time two years ago, Dr Joanne Paul was doing the same thing many early career researchers are doing now: putting the finishing touches to an application for the AHRC/BBC Radio 3 New Generation Thinkers Scheme in the hope of combining her background in academia with new skills and experiences, working in radio and TV.

Behind Closed Doors

Should gay couples be considered the equal of their straight counterparts when it comes to setting up home and starting a family?

Being a Hajji: Changing Public Significance

Returning pilgrims bear the new, honorific titles of ‘Hajji’ (men) and ‘Hajja’ (women). Traditionally expected to be more pious and enlightened, they have often been given a special respect in Muslim communities. This shop-front in East London illustrates how such values still find expression in the urban landscape. However, Hajj-going has become rather commonplace in Britain and the public significance of performing the pilgrimage is declining. Nevertheless, a pilgrim's lifestyle can still be a matter of scrutiny in close-knit communities.

© Seán McLoughlin, 2014. Creative Commons licence - “CC-BY”

Being Human Festival

Being Human is the UK’s only national festival dedicated to demonstrating the breadth, diversity and vitality of the humanities.

Being Human: Hidden in the home – the concealed revealed roadshow

In this post, learn about supernatural beings and shapeshifters responsible for boots up chimneys and cats in bricked walls. These stories are the basis of the Being Human event ‘Hidden in the home: the concealed revealed roadshow‘ organised by the University of Hertfordshire.

Being Tested: The Stoning of the Pillars

Having collected pebbles at Muzdalifa overnight, pilgrims stone three jamarat (pillars) back at Mina. This cathartic ritual commemorates Ibrahim's physical actions in rejecting Satan's attempts to test him. In the 1970s a jamarat bridge was constructed to convey pilgrims to the pillars, a site notorious for stampedes. In 2004 the pillars were replaced by huge walls. However, as this photograph shows, following 300 deaths in 2006, an entirely new bridge and multi-storey system was introduced. British-Muslims report feeling much safer.

© Simon Martin Photography, 2009. Creative Commons licence – “CC-BY”