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Read, Watch and Listen

Artist Yves Manzi in Butare

“In Kinshasa we lived on the 7th floor in the centre of town, near the port of the river Congo.

When I walk along this road today I remember life in Congo. The replacement buildings that will be built many stories high are like the place I used to live."

Arts and Humanities in Video Games

This short film looks at the exciting and increasing partnerships between arts and humanities researchers and the video games industry.

Assessment of accuracy using living subjects

A blind accuracy study, using CT data collected from a living subject, superimposed the facial depiction with the subject’s face (using the skull for alignment) and the contour map represents the differences. Blue represents good accuracy (<2mm) and the largest error (>5mm) is red/orange. 67% of the facial depiction is blue. Image courtesy of Caroline Wilkinson and Chris Rynn, University of Manchester; Myke Taister and Heather Peters, FBI Academy; Stephen Richmond, Cardiff Dental School.

At the annual basket fair in Shanghai, looking towards the Bubbling Well, 1930.

Ep01-124 © 2013 Adrienne Livesey, Elaine Ryder and Irene Brien.

1930: A crowded Shanghai street during the annual ‘Basket Fair’ which centred on the Jing’an -- ‘Bubbling Well’ – Temple, and which was held on the Buddha’s birthday. Far away from the Bund in feel, but barely a quarter of a mile west, tens of thousands of people thronged the streets and the hundreds of temporary stalls.

Austria - Vienna

Vienna. XXth International Conference of the Red Cross. Vote during the last plenary session. From 27 September to 9 October 1965.

1965-10 © Fédération / SCHIKOLA, Gustav