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Read, Watch and Listen

Kids grow up quickly

Rick Rylance, AHRC’s outgoing Chief Executive, reflects on a decade of achievements

Nunalleq: New Narratives from 'The Old Village'

In the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta (Y-K Delta) of Western Alaska, the large native Yup’ik community are facing life-altering decisions in an uncertain future, as rising temperatures, melting permafrost and coastal erosion threaten traditional subsistence livelihoods and settlements.

New Generation Thinkers Film

Celebrating AHRC's tenth anniversary and five years of the New Generation Thinkers scheme, we follow the journey of the 2015 applicants.

Food, fighting and feelings

The AHRC has supported Rachel Duffett from her doctoral studies to ongoing work with one of the World War One Engagement Centres

History and Humanitarianism

Understanding principled humanitarian action in the past, present and future, the latest film from the Arts and Humanities Research Council looks at how arts and humanities academics are working with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

Military Men of Feeling

From retired trooper George in Dickens' Bleak House to the 'boy captain', Audley Lempriere, research is uncovering the softer side of the Victorian military man.

The scent of things to come

From the world of high fashion to the world of high-tech, Jenny Tillotson, with the help of the AHRC, is on the verge of realising the full potential of her research. 

Sail away

A project set up a decade ago to explore the Scottish diaspora has had a host of unpredicted impacts

The Hajj, Ethnography and British Muslims

Up to 25,000 British Muslims travel annually to Makkah to perform Hajj. Our new image gallery explores the great pilgrimage that returns Muslims to the birthplace of their faith.

Rivals, Rebels and the Parthian Empire

In the 1st century BC, the Parthian Empire stretched from Bactria in modern Afghanistan to the River Euphrates in modern Iraq. This image gallery explores Parthian-Roman relations during the military confrontations and ideological battles of that period. 

Living literary Edinburgh

With the Edinburgh Festival in full flow, an AHRC-funded project is making literary information about the city available to all.

Intellectual virtues

Intellectual virtues have often been thought of as qualities that are good for the individual. However, a new AHRC-funded Early Career Fellowship, Intellectual Virtue and the Good Life: Ethical and Epistemic Values, has been looking at how they can benefit communities and society as a whole.