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Read, Watch and Listen

The Unsilent Saint: St Patrick and the Irish Language

Professor Máire Ní Mhaonaigh, specialist in Celtic and Medieval Studies and Fellow of St John's College, Cambridge, tells us about St Patrick, and how digitization of medieval texts has helped reveal for all the history of the much-loved Irish saint.

Interview: Alan Davey

BBC Radio 3 is known for its flagship musical events, but it is so much more. Station controller, Alan Davey, talks about the station's wider strategy.

Forgotten Women: International Women's Day in Russia, 1917

As today marks 100 years since the revolution began, we hear, for the first time, the story of Leokadiya Kashperova; a female composer once embedded in the bourgious life of St Petersburg, and her musical life in the wake of the revolution.

The Love of Strangers

Dr Stefano Evangelista's research project The Love of Strangers: Literary Cosmopolitanism in the English ‘Fin de Siècle’ investigates 19th Century cosmopolitanism and its echoes in today's debates.

Interview: Professor Rodney Harrison

Rodney Harrison, the AHRC's Leadership Fellow in Heritage, talks about natural' and 'cultural' heritage, the spaces between them and how we might get different professions to talk about heritage.

"Dewi wareth!" Rediscovering St. David

In celebration of St David's Day, we asked Professor Paul Russell of the University of Cambridge to tell us a little about the patron saint of Wales.

Foreign Film Reviews

Ahead of the Oscars we asked our researchers for their picks of foreign language films that they have recently watched.

Interview: Professor Paul Rodgers

Paul Rodgers, the AHRC’s new Leadership Fellow in Design, talks about the universal relevance of design and the importance of supporting the next generation of researchers

Researching Russia: The Rise and Fall of the Tsars

Rising in January 1547 and falling in 1917, this year marks the centenary of the Russian Revolution and the fall of Russian Tsars. Our New Generation Thinker and Russian specialist, Dr Victoria Donovan, tells us a little of her story: why she began studying Russia, who the first Russian Tsar was, and why the Russian royals met such a bitter end.

Hear, Land O'Cakes and Brither Scots: Celebrating Robert Burns

In celebration of the mighty Scottish poet, Robert Burns, we asked Kirsteen McCue, professor of Scottish Literature and Song Culture and Co-Director of the Centre for Robert Burns Studies at the University Glasgow, what Robert Burns means to her.

Interview: Professor Janice Carruthers

Professor Janice Carruthers, the AHRCs new Leadership Fellow in Modern Languages, talks about the vital role of Modern Languages and the importance of nurturing research.

Village Tales

Village Tales, winner of the AHRC Research in Film Innovation Award, is a participatory film made by four young women in rural India.

Books for Christmas: Part 2

In part 2 our Theme Leadership Fellows tell us which books they are looking forward to over the festive season.

The Caterthuns

The Doctoral Award winner, 'The Caterthuns' is a study of two prehistoric hill forts perched on the periphery of the Grampian Mountains in Angus, Scotland.

Books for Christmas: Part 1

We asked our New Generation Thinkers and Theme Fellows to help with those Christmas lists by telling us which books they are looking forward to reading over the Christmas period.