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Read, Watch and Listen

The Nahrein Network

A new historical project aims to prove the value of the arts and humanities to education and post-conflict development in Iraq and neighbouring countries.

Global Research Network on Parliaments and People

The arts and humanities have a vital role to play in strengthening democracy around the world, according to Professor Emma Crewe, director of the new Global Research Network on Parliaments and People, based at School of Oriental and African Studies, (SOAS) University of London.

AHRC's Summer Reading List 2018

We asked you to send in your recommendations for superb summer reads. We’ve picked some of our favourites and put them below with some top recommendations from AHRC staff to form the ultimate summer reading list.

Spotlight on: the Best Research award nominations

This week we throw the spotlight on the five projects and lead researchers that have been nominated for the best research category as part of the Arts & Humanities Research Council and Wellcome Trust’s Health Humanities Medal 2018.

The Yup'ik Homeland from the Air

The Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta is low-laying braided river system, and has supported the Yup'ik people and their ancestors for millennia. This landscape is dependent on permafrost for its stability, and its topography renders this region highly vulnerable to the effects of climate change, particularly coastal erosion and flooding. The Western Rim of Arctic North America has been called the 'miner's canary of climate change'.

© This image is credited to Rick Knecht, and is made available under Creative Commons BY

A New Day in Quinhagak

The village of Quinhagak lies close to the Bering Sea coast in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta. The village is home to around 700 people, and is 60 miles from the nearest other village and only accessible by light aircraft.

© This image is credited to Kate Britton, and is made available under Creative Commons BY

Catch of the Day

Quinhagak resident Michael Smith prepares fresh salmon using an uluaq, a traditional Yup’ik tool. Subsistence hunting and fishing remain economically important in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta today, and are a key source of community pride, personal and group identity, and cultural resilience. Contemporary ecosystem disruption, and political and social change, are threatening subsistence activities and, through this, community well-being.

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