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Read, Watch and Listen

Juliet Jacques

Juliet Jacques, a former AHRC-funded doctoral student, talked to us about her experiences as a Chase DTP doctoral student, the opportunities being part of a cohort provided and advice she would offer to current doctoral students.

Karen Patel

Former AHRC-funded doctoral student, Creative Economy Engagement Fellowship (CEEF) fellow and current RCUK/UKRI Innovation Fellows award holder, Karen Patel sat down to talk to us about her career to date and how she has used the skills and knowledge gained during her doctoral studies and CEEF fellowship to progress in academia.

Museum of Boundless Creativity nominations

We asked people that are passionate about the cultural and creative industries to make some suggestions for what they’d like to see in the first collection of the Museum of Boundless Creativity.

ECR Interview: Empowering the arts sector to tackle inequalities through data

In partnership with Arts Council England, Dr Susan Oman from the University of Sheffield developed a new process to improve inequality measurement, including class background, in the UK cultural sector. Through funding from AHRC’s Creative Economy Engagement Fellowship scheme, Dr Oman’s research triggered the creation of a new network of arts and culture professionals working in publicly funded institutions which offers support in gathering and analysing Equality, Diversity and Inclusion related data.

This prestigious doctoral studentship opens many doors

An AHRC-funded doctoral studentship gave Dr Ferris access to ‘an incredibly supportive environment for a researcher’. Our conversation focused on her experiences as a doctoral student and the transformational impact that participating in the International Placement Scheme had on her thesis.

'It was a rounded experience'

Dr Rachel Hanna talked to us about the benefits of being a DTP doctoral student, using ethnographic observation and critical thinking in a non-academic career, and the importance of a work-life balance when studying for a PhD.