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Why is impact assessed?

Arts and humanities research offers a variety of direct and indirect social and economic benefits. Our Strategy, Evaluation and Impact Team co-ordinates the collection of evidence and impact to address key questions posed by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), demonstrating the value of arts and humanities research; why it should be funded by the taxpayer; and what ‘added value’ the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) as an organisation delivers. 

How we collect Impact

We take a portfolio approach to developing the evidence base. A mix of quantitative and qualitative information is important to make a convincing and robust case for the impact and value of AHRC-funded research. An increasing emphasis on accountability and efficiency makes this approach more relevant than ever. Quantitative evidence, for example, is needed to provide ‘hard’ evidence of outputs of funding, whilst case studies are recognised as the most effective approach to demonstrating impact. 

Wider ranging or higher-level commissioned research studies expand the evidence base to cover the arts and humanities beyond AHRC funding. Smaller or strategically focused activities including data analysis, commissioned research, and strategic reviews also address key areas of the AHRC Delivery Plan.

Development of AHRC Impact web content

As we continue to develop our impact portfolio and evidence collection methods we will further develop this webpage. This page will contain links to a large number of impact case studies categorised and searchable via a range of parameters, including place, sector and discipline. 

We will also aim to provide information that will assist Arts and Humanities researchers to develop their impact story. This will include describing how impact is defined by Research Councils, giving guidance on how to incorporate pathways to impact within research proposals, capture evidence of impact, and how to better articulate the impact generated from arts and humanities research. 

Whilst we develop our new webpages you can still access our previous webpages following the links below. 

Impact Assessment – Overview of AHRC’s impact assessment. 

Impact Examples – List of examples of impact from AHRC research projects. 

Self-evaluation – Documents providing researchers with guidance on evaluating their own projects. 

Case Studies - A selection of case studies examples highlighting the impact and value of AHRC-funded research.