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Fellowship Awards

Funded under the Translating Cultures Highlight Notice

Dr Lori Allen, University of Cambridge

A Genealogy of Political Proof: One Hundred Years of Investigative Commissions to Palestine, 1919-2009

Professor Mona Baker, University of Manchester

Translating the Egyptian Revolution: Activist Use of Translation to Connect with Global Publics and Protest Movements

Dr Nicholas Baragwanath, University of Nottingham

Haydn, Solfeggio, and the Art of Melody: A New Approach to the Classical Style

Dr Djurdja Bartlett, University of the Arts London

Translating Fashion: Eastern Europe, Western Europe, 1910-2010

Dr Rebecca Beasley, University of Oxford

Russomania: British Modernism and the Translation of Russian Culture

Dr Manuella Blackburn, Liverpool Hope University

Intercultural creativity in electroacoustic music: Integrating Indian music cultural sound emblems into new works

Professor Jean Boase-Beier, University of East Anglia

Translating the Poetry of the Holocaust

Dr Emma Campbell, University of Warwick

Translation in Medieval Francophone Texts and Manuscripts

Dr Alice Jane Collett, York St John University

Women in Early Indian Buddhism

Dr Matthew Cook, Birkbeck College

Queer Domesticities: homosexualities and home lives in twentieth-century London

Dr Nandini Das, University of Liverpool

An edition of Levant Travels, South Asia, and Anglo-Ottoman Diplomacy in Richard Hakluyt's Principal Navigations (1598-1600)

Dr Jason Dittmer, University College London

Diplomacy as translation: British foreign policy as a techno-cultural assemblage

Dr Lutz Doering, Durham University

Tosefta Shabbat: Introduction, Translation and Commentary

Professor Alison Donnell, University of Reading

Caribbean Queer: Desire, dissidence and the constructions of literary subjectivity.

Dr Helen Finch, University of Leeds

Literary testimony, transnational memories: The politics of transmission of Holocaust testimony in the German cultural field

Professor Robert Gildea, University of Oxford

The French Resistance between Myth, Memory and Narrative

Professor Michael Green, Northumbria University

Ghosting Through: Ficto-Critical Translation as a Means of Resisting the Appropriations of History and Place

Dr Elizabeth Mary Hammond, University of Southampton

A publishing and reception history of Charles Dickens' "Great Expectations" 1860-2012

Professor Andrew Hiscock, Bangor University

Shakespeare, Ralegh, Essex, Middleton and the Theatre of War, 1588-1618

Dr Carool Kersten, King's College London

Translating Islamic values into civil society practice: Indonesian experiments in the creation of a cosmopolitan and cultural Islam

Dr Amanda Lillie, University of York

Architecture in Italian Renaissance Painting

Dr Femke Saskia Molekamp, University of Warwick

The Making of the Geneva Bible: Histories of Translation and Reading

Dr Julia Moses, University of Sheffield

Civilising Marriage: Matrimony and the State in Imperial Germany, 1870-1914

Prof Martin O'Shaughnessy, Nottingham Trent University 

The cinema of Laurent Cantet

Dr Carolyn Pedwell, Newcastle University

Affective Relations: The Transnational Politics of Emotion

Dr William Pettigrew, University of Kent

Cultural Hybridisation and Early Modern Globalisation: 17th Century English Corporations and the Development of a Global Dialogue about Governance

Dr Matthew Potter, Northumbria University

Politics, Patriotism and Painting: the acquisition of British pictures by Australian National Galleries, 1860-1949

Dr James Edward Renton, Edge Hill University

The Middle East: The Rise and Fall of an Idea

Dr Eugene Rogan, University of Oxford

The Great War in the Middle East, 1914-1920

Dr Jan Rueger, Birkbeck College

A History of the Anglo-German Relationship, 1807-1952

Dr Siobhan Shilton, University of Bristol

Transcultural Encounters: Postcolonialism in the Visual Arts

Dr Gigliola Sulis, University of Leeds

The Island, the Nation, the World. Sergio Atzeni and the post-modern definition of Sardinian ethnic identity

Professor Stuart Taberner, University of Leeds

German-language Literature and Transnationalism

Dr Natalya Vince, University of Portsmouth

Rewriting the veteran: gender, geography, generation and the Algerian War

Dr Abigail Ward, Nottingham Trent University

Representations of Indian Indenture in Contemporary Caribbean Literature

Dr Genevieve Warwick, University of Edinburgh

Sculpture in Painting: Medial Translations in Renaissance Art.

Dr Holger Michael Zellentin, University of Nottingham

Islam Before Muhammad