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Current Awards

Large Grants

Exploratory Awards

As part of the development of the Science in Culture theme, the AHRC has commissioned a number of small awards that aim to hold a workshop or series of workshops or similar events, or to carry out a scoping study or a research review. A list of a awards and links to project websites can be found below. Please note that all Exploratory Awards have now finished.

Exploratory Awards (PDF, 126KB)

Innovation Awards

The AHRC has made 7 awards under its Science in Culture Innovation Awards call. The scheme is intended to support projects of up to 12 months in length that aim to expand and explore the Science in Culture theme in new and innovative ways.

Innovation Awards (PDF, 89KB)

Research Grants

  • “Rethinking mind and meaning: a case study from a co-disciplinary approach” led by Dr Juan-Carlos Gomez at University of St Andrews - £197,041
  • “Sense of agency and responsibility: integrating legal and neurocognitive accounts” led by Professor Patrick Haggard at University College London – £173,357

Summaries of the two research grants are available (PDF, 70KB).