Advisory Group

Current Members

  • Professor David Archard (Chair) – Professor of Philosophy, Queen’s University Belfast
  • Dr Helen Chatterjee - Head of Research and Teaching in UCL Museums & Public Engagement and a Senior Lecturer in Biology at University College London
  • Professor Martin Halliwell - Professor American Studies, University of Leicester
  • Julie Harvey - Manager of the Centre for Arts and Humanities Research, Natural History Museum
  • Professor Chris Howe – Professor of Plant and Microbial Biochemistry, University of Cambridge
  • Professor Matthew Kieran - Professor of Philosophy and the Arts, University of Leeds
  • Professor Alastair MacDonald – Senior Researcher, School of Design, Glasgow School of Art
  • Dr Dan O'Connor - Head of Medical Humanities, The Wellcome Trust
  • Professor Tom McLeish – Professor of Physics, Durham University
  • Professor Helen Nicholson – Professor of Drama and Theatre, Royal Holloway
  • Former Members

Former Members

  • Professor Helen Beebee - Professor of Philosophy, University of Birmingham
  • Dr Fern Elsdon-Baker – Research Director/Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Community Cohesion, Coventry University
  • Professor Paul Crawford - Professor of Health Humanities, University of Nottingham
  • Professor Graeme Laurie - Professor of Medical Jurisprudence, University of Edinburgh
  • Tony McBride - Acting Director of the Science Policy Centre, Royal Society
  • Clare Matterson - Director, Medical Humanities and Engagement, The Wellcome Trust
  • Professor Iwan Morus - Professor of History, Aberystwyth University
  • Professor Neil Messer - Professor of Theology, University of Winchester
  • Professor John Rink - Professor of Musical Performance Studies, University of Cambridge
  • Professor Helen Storey - Professor of Fashion and Science, London College of Fashion
  • Professor Patricia Waugh - Professor of English Studies, University of Durham
  • Professor James Wilsdon - Professor of Science and Democracy, University of Sussex