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Open World Research Initiative (OWRI)

As part of The Open World Research Initiative (OWRI), the AHRC invested £16 million in four major research programmes to help demonstrate the value of modern languages in an increasingly globalised research environment. These projects showcased the crucial role that languages play, not just within arts and humanities but also on a wider scale in relation to key contemporary issues. The OWRI Initiative ran from 2016 to 2020.

  • Creative Multilingualism
  • Multilingualism: Empowering Individuals, Transforming Societies
  • Cross-Language Dynamics: Reshaping Community
  • Language Acts and Worldmaking

Read what guides our work in our OWRI Legacy Objectives (PDF, 192KB).

Learn about our projects (see link below) for more information.


Janice Carruthers, AHRC Leadership Fellow, Modern Languages, explains more: “As Leadership Fellow in the priority area of modern languages, one of my roles is to work closely with the four Open World projects. These are challenging times for modern languages and the Open World projects have a series of ambitious common objectives: to raise the profile of research in languages, to grow innovative emerging areas of research (both disciplinary and interdisciplinary), to work with non-HEI partners in articulating the value of languages in the contemporary world, and to leave a legacy in terms of the modern languages curriculum that will re-energise the discipline. Visit the Modern Languages Leadership Fellow website for more information.


Find out more about this research, with links to reports, publications, previous calls and conferences, on our OWRI resources page.