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Previous Awards

Digital Transformations Small Grants

We made 12 awards under this call. The purpose of the call was to support proposals that are outstandingly novel in terms of ambition and scope and which are truly transformative for the Arts and Humanities.

The AHRC was looking for bold proposals which combined great scale and ambition with a careful consideration for the risks involved. Ultimately this call was designed to support small grants with well managed level of risk-taking in order to produce something truly novel and transformational.

Digital Transformations Small Grants Awards (Excel, 15KB)

Digital Transformations Amplification Awards

We made 10 awards under this call. The broad purpose of the call was to amplify, expand or take previous or existing digital transformations relevant research activities to another level, through new collaborations and partnerships, by crossing disciplinary boundaries or engaging new communities of researchers.

Digital Transformations Amplification Awards (PDF, 98KB)

The call document can be read online.

Digital Transformations in Community Research Co-production in the Arts and Humanities

We made 11 awards under this call. The AHRC tasked projects funded under this call to explore new research opportunities at the interface and intersections between the Connected Communities Programme, the Digital Transformations theme, the Cross-Council Digital Economy Programme and AHRC activities relating to the Creative Economy. The call asked for projects to use, re-use, link, remix, visualize, enhance, re-purpose, map and/or co-create open data, to ultimately co-produce a research based asset of enduring value for communities and future research.

Digital Transformations in Community Research Co-Production in the Arts and Humanities (PDF, 82KB)

Digital Transformations in the Arts and Humanities: Big Data Research

We funded 21 awards through the Big Data Research call, 10 of which were smaller projects of up to £100k in value, and 11 were larger projects of up to £600k. The call aimed to address some of the challenges that arise from working with big data, as well as asking interesting questions of data, and producing innovative and creative assets for future Arts and Humanities research.

Digital Transformations in the Arts and Humanities: Big Data Research (PDF, 116KB)

The call document itself can be read online.

Theme Large Grants

We have awarded three Large Grants under the Digital Transformations Theme. The Grants are expected to support research activities of a scale and ambition beyond that normally required for a standard AHRC grant. They should display significant transformative potential within the theme’s area. They are also expected to act as ‘beacons’ for the themes, addressing key research questions and issues highlighted in the theme description, and exemplifying the cross-discipline and collaborative approaches and ways of working that the theme is seeking to encourage. The projects are:

  • The Digital Panopticon: The Global Impact of London Punishments, 1780-1925. Grant holder: Professor Barry Godfrey. Research Organisation: University of Liverpool. Amount awarded: £1,396,847.77.
  • Transforming Musicology. Grant holder: Mr Tim Crawford. Research Organisation: Goldsmiths College. Amount awarded: £1,612,594.40.
  • 'Fragmented Heritage' From the Kilometre to the Nanometre: Automated 3D Technology to Revolutionize Landscape, Site, and Artefact Analyses. Grant holder: Dr Randolph Donahue. Research Organisation: University of Bradford. Amount awarded: £1,608,069.85

UnBox 2014

The UnBox LABS 2014 brought together creative practitioners, artists and researchers from the UK & India for a 10-day lab experience to explore the theme of 'FUTURE CITIES'. The project was a collaboration between UnBox, British Council, the AHRC, Science & Innovation Network, supported by the REACT Creative Economy Hub and the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad, India.

The AHRC ran a call for applications to attend the conference. The call closed in December 2013.

We funded 4 follow on awards. More information can be found online.