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Landscape and Environment

Research the cultural relevance of landscape and environment

The landscape and environment have cultural significance as an area of public concern, scholarly research and artistic creativity. This programme was designed to enrich our understanding of both by bringing together researchers from varied disciplines with a wide range of approaches. In order to know more about the ways the world has been imagined, experience, designed and managed, we needed to produce work which is critical and creative, collaborative and communicative.


Whether we are expressing complex ideas and feelings about beauty, belonging, access to resources of our relationship with the past and the future through nature, the landscape and environment are the medium through which we often try to make sense of the world and the people's place in it.

The Programme

This £5.5 million programme ran for five years from September 2005 to August 2010 with three aims:

  • develop understanding of landscape and environment in distinctive, innovative and engaging ways through research projects of the highest quality and international significance;
  • extend the scope and deepend the focus of prior enquiry for a range of historical periods and places, and;
  • engage in dialogue with current debates on landscape and environment in the public domain.

The Programme focussed on the following themes:

  • images, values and knowledge;
  • representing, marking and meaning;
  • time, space and narrative;
  • settlement and movement;
  • elements and ecologies, and;
  • authority and access.

Further details are available on the programme website.