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Research activities

Awards made by the Cultural Value Project.

Research Development Awards

Allington, Daniel (Open University)
‘Online networks and the production of value in electronic music’
Valuing Electronic Music Report

Ashley, Susan (Northumbria University)
‘Memorialisation as valuation: examining public culture at the Chattri Sikh Memorial, Brighton’
Northumbria Research Link
Memorialisation as Valuation Report

Bakhshi, Hasan (Nesta), Fujiwara, Daniel (Simetrica)
‘Measuring economic value in cultural institutions’
Measuring Economic Value Report (PDF, 1.8MB)

Beel, David (University of Aberdeen)
‘EViDAnCE - Exploring Value in Digital Archives and the Comainn Eachdraidh’

Belfiore, Eleonora (University of Warwick)
‘The politics of cultural value: towards an emancipatory framework’

Bernard, Miriam (Keele University)
‘Ages and Stages: the cultural value of older people's experiences of theatre making’
Ages and Stages

Brennan, Matthew Thomas (University of Edinburgh)
‘The cultural value of live music: a case study of enthusiast, state-funded, and commercial events at the Queen's Hall’

Brennan, Matthew Thomas (University of Edinburgh)
‘From pub to stadium: The ecology of public and commercial investment in British live music venues’
The Cultural Value of Live Music Report

Clarke, Eric (University of Oxford)
‘Music, empathy and cultural understanding’
Music, Empathy and Cultural Understanding Report

Clift, Stephen (Canterbury Christ Church University)
‘Cultural value and social capital: investigating social, health and wellbeing impacts in three coastal towns undergoing culture-led regeneration’
Cultural Value and Social Capital Report

Cotterrell, David (Sheffield Hallam University)
‘Squaring the circle: examining cultural value through a re-evaluation of Arts Lab’

Davis, Philip Maurice (University of Liverpool)
‘Assessing the intrinsic value, and health and well-being benefits, for individual and community, of The Reader Organisation's Volunteer Reader Scheme’
Centre for Research into Reading, Literature and Society Report

Eades, Michael (University of London)
‘Bloomsbury Festival in a Box: engaging socially isolated people with dementia’
Bloomsbury Festival in a Box Report

Edelman, Joshua (Royal Central School of Speech and Drama)
‘The value of amateur, subsidised and commercial theatre for Tyneside's audiences’
The value of theatre and dance for Tyneside’s audiences

Fillis, Ian (University of Stirling)
‘Measuring the value of the RSA New Contemporaries Exhibition as a platform for emerging artists’

Flinders, Matthew (University of Sheffield)
‘Participatory arts and active citizenship’

Froggett, Lynn Patricia (University of Central Lancashire)
‘Public art and local civic engagement’

Garrod, Brian (Aberystwyth University)
‘Investigating the role of Eisteddfodau in creating and transmitting cultural value in Wales and beyond’

Gillespie, Marie (Open University)
‘Understanding the changing cultural value of the BBC World Service and British Council’

Gilmore, Charlotte (University of St Andrews)
‘The enactment of cultural values and taste-making within contemporary classical music’

Gordon-Nesbitt, Rebecca (Manchester Metropolitan University)
‘Evaluating the relationship between arts and cultural engagement and long-term health outcomes in the UK’

Harwood, Tracy (De Monfort University)
‘Machinima: an investigation into the contribution of participatory user-generated machine-cinema to cultural values’

Hawkins, Harriet (Royal Holloway, University of London)
‘Experimental methods for exploring environmental encounters’

Holden, John (City University and University of Hong Kong)
‘The ecology of culture’ (PDF, 650KB)

Hoskins, Gareth (Aberystwyth University)
‘Locating value: assigning significance in the historical built environment, a trans-Atlantic review’

Lamarque, Peter (University of York)
‘Cognitive and aesthetic values in cultural artefacts’

Lambert, Catherine (University of Warwick)
‘The value of live art: experience, politics and affect’

Lang, Anouk (University of Strathclyde)
‘Developing methods for analysing and evaluating literary engagement in digital contexts’

Manchester, Helen (University of Bristol)
‘Teenage kicks: exploring cultural value from a youth perspective’

Munt, Sally (University of Sussex)
‘Cultural values from the subaltern perspective: a phenomenology of refugees' experience of British cultural values’

Murray, Stuart (University of Leeds)
‘Approaching cultural value as a complex system: experiencing the arts and articulating the city in Leeds’

O'Sullivan, Deirdre (University of Leicester)
‘Mapping faith and place: exploring cultural values in the buildings of South Asian Faiths in Leicester’

Pajaczkowska, Claire (Royal College of Art)
‘Compassion by design’

Pitts, Stephanie (University of Sheffield)
‘Dropping in and dropping out: understanding cultural value from the perspectives of lapsed or partial arts participants’

Rees Leahy, Helen (University of Manchester)
‘Learning from the past: cultural value, then and now, in principle and in practice’

Reinelt, Janelle (University of Warwick)
‘Theatre spectatorship and value attribution’

Reynolds, Jacqueline (Staffordshire University)
‘The story of Lidice and Stoke-on-Trent: towards deeper understandings of the role of arts and culture’

Rimmer, Mark (University of East Anglia)
‘Understanding the cultural value of In Harmony-Sistema England’

Rumbold, Kate (University of Birmingham)
‘The uses of poetry: measuring the value of engaging with poetry in lifelong learning and development’

Sandvoss, Cornel (University of Surrey)
‘The value of commercial arts and culture: A comparative mixed-methods approach to the reception of popular culture’

Studdert, David (Cardiff University)
‘Using Facebook to investigate local history: experience, value and policy implications in one town’

Thomson, Patricia (University of Nottingham)
‘The experience and value of live art: what can making and editing film tell us?’

Walsh, Victoria (Royal College of Art)
‘Modeling cultural value within new media cultures of networked participation’
Cultural Value and the Digital: Practice, Policy and Theory

Winter, Patricia (Trish) (University of Sunderland)
‘A somatic ethnography of Grand Gestures Elders Dance Group’

Wright, Martin (London Metropolitan University)
‘Case study: cultural value of accessible theatre’

Vis, Farida (University of Sheffield)
‘The cultural values of digging’

Critical Reviews

Banks, Mark (Open University)
‘The values of cultural work: ethics, interests and motivations in the cultural and creative industries’

Bernard, Miriam (Keele University)
‘Ageing, drama and creativity: a critical review’

Bungay, Hilary (Anglia Ruskin University)
‘Caregivers perceptions of the value of the arts in therapeutic and clinical interventions’

Campbell, Peter (University of Liverpool)
‘The role of arts and culture in the regeneration of urban places and urban communities - Critical Review’

Cooke, Paul (University of Leeds)
‘Experiencing the digital world: the cultural value of digital engagement with heritage’

Dodd, Jocelyn (University of Leicester)
‘The cultural value of engaging with museums and galleries’

Jensen, Eric (University of Warwick)
‘The role of technology in evaluating cultural value’

Jones, Sian (The University of Manchester)
‘Valuing the historic environment: a critical review of existing approaches to social value’

Kelly, Shona (Sheffield Hallam University)
‘A critical review of the effectiveness of the therapeutic use of artistic activity’

Ladkin, Samuel (University of Sheffield)
‘Against value in the arts’

O’Brien, Dave (Goldsmiths, University of London), Oakley, Kate (University of Leeds)
‘Cultural value and inequality: a critical literature review’ (PDF, 479KB)

Oancea, Alis Elena (University of Oxford)
‘Developing innovative methods for configurative capture of the cultural value of arts and humanities research’

Oakley, Kate (University of Leeds)
‘Creating space: a re-evaluation of the role of culture in regeneration’

Samuel, Flora (University of Sheffield)
‘The cultural value of architecture: a critical review with specific reference to UK homes and neighbourhoods’

Sandvoss, Cornel (University of Surrey)
‘Fandom, participatory culture and cultural value - a critical review’

Singh, Jasjit (University of Leeds)
‘An analysis and review of British South Asian engagement in minority ethnic arts’

Taylor, Calvin (University of Leeds)
‘Cultural value: a perspective from cultural economy’

Thomson, Patricia (University of Nottingham)
‘A critical review of the Creative Partnerships archive: how was cultural value understood, researched and evidenced?’

Zeilig, Hannah (University of the Arts London)
‘The arts in dementia care - A critical review of cultural and arts practices in dementia care in the UK’

Expert Workshops

Boschi, Elena (Liverpool Hope University)
‘Culture, value and attention at home’ (PDF, 768KB)


Carman, John (University of Birmingham)
‘Heritage value: combining culture and economics’ (PDF, 841KB)


Cowman, Kirsta (University of Lincoln)
‘From parlour sing-songs to iplayers: experiencing culture in the 20th and 21st century homes’ (PDF, 702KB)


Gamman, Lorraine (Central St Martins, UAL)
‘Arts and the criminal justice system’ (Word, 30.8MB)

Milling, Jane (University of Exeter)
‘Expert workshop on amateur and voluntary arts’ (PDF, 793KB)


Rooke, Alison (Goldsmiths, University of London)
‘Curating community?’ (PDF, 713KB)

Rooke, Alison (Goldsmiths, University of London)
‘Creative collisions and critical conversations’ (PDF, 704KB)

Commissioned Reports

Hasan Bakhshi, Daniel Fujiwara, Ricky Lawton, Susana Mourato and Paul Dolan
Measuring Economic Value in Cultural Institutions (PDF, 1.8MB)

John Holden, Visiting Professor at City University, London
The Ecology of Culture (PDF, 650KB)

Dave O’Brien & Kate Oakley
Cultural Value and Inequality: A Critical Literature Review (PDF, 479KB)