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Scoping Studies and Reviews

As a part of the development process for the Connected Communities programme, the AHRC supported 44 small scoping studies and research reviews in 2011 to address a wide range of underpinning issues. The aim of these reviews was to: stimulate debate and provide some early outputs from the programme; inform future discussions about its shape, focus and priorities; and be of value to researchers undertaking research under the programme in the future. 

31 proposals were funded under this call (PDF, 114KB).

Reports from the first round of scoping studies and research reviews can be found below.

Scoping studies first round

Community-based Participatory Research: Ethical Challenges (PDF, 419KB) - Sarah Banks and the Durham Community Research Team

Temporal Connectivities: A scoping study of the available research on time and community (PDF, 576KB) - Michelle Bastian

A review of conceptualisations and meanings of ‘community’ within and across research traditions: a meta-narrative approach (PDF, 615KB) - Marello Bertotti, Farah Jamal, Angela Harden

Immanent Authority and the Making of Community (PDF, 580KB) - Claire Blencowe, Julian Brigstocke, Leila Dawney, Aécio Amaral, Samuel Kirwan, Naomi Millner & Tehseen Noorani

Connected Communities: Diaspora and Transnationality (PDF, 773KB) - Alison Blunt, Jayani Bonnerjee, Cathy McIlwaine, Clifford Pereira

Communities in Crisis (PDF, 577KB) - Paul Chatterton, Sara Gonzalez, Rachael Unsworth

The involvement of children and young people in research within the criminal justice area (PDF, 621KB) - Jill Clark and Karen Laing

Connected Health and Social Care Communities (PDF, 608KB) - Mervyn Conroy, Harriet Clarke and Lynne Wilson

Conceptualisations and meaning of community: The theory and operationalisation of a contested concept (PDF, 611KB) - Graham Crow and Alice Mah

Researching with Communities (PDF, 615KB) - Durie, R., Lundy, C., Wyatt, K.

Illuminating the Evolution of Community Participation (PDF, 593KB) - Catherine Durose, Yasminah Beebeejaun, James Rees and Liz Richardson

Towards Co-Production in Research with Communities (PDF, 615KB) - Catherine Durose, Yasminah Beebeejaun, James Rees, Jo Richardson and Liz Richardson

Conceptualising school-community relations in disadvantaged areas (PDF, 732KB) - Alan Dyson, Frances Gallannaugh and Kirstin Kerr

Living Together: The Temporal Dimension of Civic Health (PDF, 563KB) -  Derek Edyvane

A review of theories, concepts and interventions relating to community-level strengths and their impact on health and wellbeing (PDF, 674KB) - Eva Elliott, Ellie Byrne, Fiona Shirani, Yi Gong, Karen Henwood, Helen Morgan, Michael Shepherd, Stephen Palmer, Gareth Williams

Keeping In Touch (PDF, 1.1MB) - Professor Jon Dovey, Dr Constance Fleuriot, Dr Clodagh Miskelly

Resilient, mutual self-help in cities of growing diversity scoping study (PDF, 740KB) - Lisa Goodson, Jon Coaffee and Rob Rowlands

An analysis of the capacity of volunteer sports coaches as community assets in the Big Society scoping study (PDF, 618KB) - Dr Mark Griffiths, Prof Kathleen Armour

Linking Communities to Historic Environments: A research review summary (PDF, 437KB) - Alex Hale (RCAHMS)

Conceptualising community as a social fix (PDF, 494KB) - Dr Leila Hamalainen and Dr Kathryn Jones

Community–university partnerships through communities of practice (PDF, 609KB) - Angie Hart, Alex Ntung, Juliet Millican, Ceri Davies, Etienne Wenger, Howard Rosing, Jenny Pearce

Connectivity and conflict in periods of austerity: what do we know about middle class political activism and its effects on public services? (PDF, 593KB) - Annette Hastings and Peter Matthews

Communities in care: A scoping review to establish the relationship of community to the lives of looked after children and young people (PDF, 792KB) - Leslie Hicks, Diane Simpson, Ian Mathews, Karin Crawford, Harriet Koorts with Kevin Cooper

Architecture >< Community (PDF, 940KB) - Neil Burford, Thomas Deckker, Lorens Holm, Charles Rattray, Aidan Williams, Cameron McEwan

Connectivity, place and elective belonging: community and later life (PDF, 705KB) - Ian Rees Jones, Chris Gilleard, Paul Higgs and Graham Day

Connecting Local Communities to the Nation (PDF, 565KB) - Martin Laffin, John Mawson, Christianne Ormston

New Connectivities: Civil Society, the ‘Third Sector’ and Dilemmas for Socially and Economically Sustainable Healthcare Delivery (PDF, 399KB) - Dr. Ming Lim, Prof. Ellen Annandale and Prof. Carlo Ruzza

Historicising Contemporary Civic Connection (PDF, 566KB) - Professor Mark Llewellyn

From bridging social capital to co-operative social capital? Mapping emergent connectivities across communities (PDF, 557KB) - Derek McGhee and Pathik Pathak

CHORDS: Community, Healthcare Organisation and Regulation in a Diverse Society (PDF, 370KB) - Dr. Sheelagh McGuinness & Dr. Tom Walker

Community Music: History and Current Practice, its Constructions of 'Community', Digital Turns and Future Sounding (PDF, 395KB) - Professor George McKay, University of Salford, Ben Higham MA FRSA, independent consultant and researcher

Urban communities in early modern Europe (1400-1700) research review (PDF, 362KB) - Fabrizio Nevola, David Rosenthal

Connecting Localism and Community Empowerment (PDF, 404KB) - Joe Painter, Lena Dominelli, Gordon MacLeod, Andrew Orton, Raksha Pande

Power in Community: A Research and Social Action Scoping Review (PDF, 593KB) - Professor Jenny Pearce

New Migration, Neighbourhood Effects and Community Change research review (PDF, 378KB) - David Robinson and Aimee Walshaw

An exploration of the relation between the concepts of ‘community’ and ‘future’ in philosophy research review (PDF, 666KB) - Johan Siebers, Elena Fell

Conflict with and between communities: Exploring the role of communities in helping to defeat and/or endorse terrorism and the interface with policing efforts to counter terrorism (PDF, 558KB) - Dr. Basia Spalek

Youth and Community: Connections and Disconnections (PDF, 620KB) - Roxana Cavalcanti, Carlie Goldsmith, John Lea, Lynda Measor, Peter Squires & David Wolff

Situating Community through Creative Technologies and Practice research review (PDF, 862KB) - J. Bitton, A. Cavaco, L. Gaye, B. Jones, G. Mearns, R. Richardson, and A. Tanaka

The changing nature of 'connectivity' within and between communities research review (PDF, 593KB) - Natasha Macnab, Gary Thomas and Ian Grosvenor

ICT use and connectivity of minority communities in Wales research review (PDF, 746KB) - Panayiota Tsatsou, Ian Stafford, Gary Higgs, Richard Fry, Robert Berry

Public participation as a process of de-politicization research review (PDF, 616KB)  - Dr. Judith Tsouvalis and Dr. Claire Waterton

Concepts and meanings of community in the social sciences (PDF, 339KB) - Valerie Walkerdine and David Studdert

Scoping studies second round

In 2011 a further 31 scoping studies and research reviews (PDF, 95KB) to build on the areas that had been identified as key through the work of the programme so far.

Whose Remembrance? (PDF, 372KB) - Suzanne Bardgett, Emily Fuggle, Lucy May Maxwell and Roger Smither

Imagining the Place of Home (PDF, 362KB) - Bridget Bennet, Hamilton Carroll, Ruth Mackay

Active Citizenship, Public Engagement and the Humanities: The Victorian Model (PDF, 384KB) - Professor Eugenio Biagini, Dr Marcella Sutcliffe

Woven Communities: Exploring the Dynamics of Socio-cultural Change through Material Culture (PDF, 363KB) - Dr Stephani Bunn 

Musics of South Asia: A Means for Connecting Communities? (PDF, 384KB) - David Clarke

Families disconnected by prison (PDF, 365KB) - Lizzie Coles-Kemp

Philosophical Communities (PDF, 371KB) - Jules Evans and Thomas Dixon

Connected lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans communities (PDF, 359KB) - Eleanor Formby

Crowd-Sourcing in the Humanities (PDF, 625KB) - Stuart Dunn

Romanies/Gypsies, Roma & Irish and Scottish Travellers (PDF, 375KB) - Jodie Matthews

Civic Associations and Urban Communities (PDF, 363KB) - Lucy Hewitt and John Pendlebury 

Orkney and Shetland Dialect Corpus Scoping Study (PDF, 413KB) - Ragnhild Ljosland

Exploring Personal Communities: A Review of Volunteering Processes (PDF, 411KB) - Mihaela Kelemen and Anita Mangan

Building resilience through collaborative community arts practice (PDF, 603KB)  - Hannah Macpherson, Angie Hart and Becky Heaver

Diasporic Film in Communities (PDF, 469KB) - Sarita Malik

Networking Communities (PDF, 412KB) - Peter Merriman and Rhys Jones

Language as Talisman (PDF, 362KB) - Kate Pahl, Deborah Bullivant, Hugh Escott, Jane Hodson, David Hyatt, Marcus Hurcombe, Steve Pool and Richard Steadman-Jones

Connecting youth with geographic communities (PDF, 371KB) - Rhys Jones, Peter Merriman and Sarah Mills

Communities defeating or endorsing extreme violence (PDF, 376KB) - Dr Steven Hewitt, Dr Basia Spalek and Dr Laura Zahra McDonald

Shakespeare's Global Communities (PDF, 393KB) - Erin Sullivan, Paul Prescott, Paul Edmondson

Performing Impact (PDF, 357KB) - Professor Pat Thomson, Professor Julie Sanders, Professor Christine Hall and Dr Jem Bloomfield

'Breaking up communities'? (PDF, 373KB) - Rebecca Tunstall and Stuart Lowe

Philosophy of Religion and Religious Communities (PDF, 373KB) - Daniel Whistler and Daniel J. Hill

Creative Participation in Place-making (PDF, 360KB) - Antonia Layard, Jane Milling and Tom Wakeford

Stimulating Participation in the Informal Creative Economy (PDF, 333KB) - Steve Thompson, Anny Light and Clare Brant

Connecting Communities via Culture-led Regeneration (PDF, 354KB) - Kerry Wilson

The role of complexity in the creative economies: connecting people, ideas and practice (PDF, 364KB) - Roberta Comunian, Katerina Alexiou and Caroline Chapain

Harnessing Creative Clusters to Civil Society and the Digital Economy (PDF, 625KB) - Dr Kerrie Schaefer, Steve Thompson, Dr Tom Wakeford

University of the Village (PDF, 638KB) - Professor M Wilson

Policy reviews

In 2013 AHRC funded two researchers to lead the development of policy briefs drawing on research insights and expertise from across the Connected Communities Programme, and other relevant research, addressing two topics which were identified in consultation with policy-makers:

  • Connecting research with communities: redefining service delivery. – Kate Pahl, University of Sheffield
  • Community Governance in the context of decentralisation: who should be taking decisions and for what? – Catherine Durose, University of Birmingham

At the end of their awards the researchers presented their findings at a closed session in government and produced policy briefings for circulation in relevant departments.