Reviewer Guidance Notes

Value for Money assessment - This section has been drawn up following requests from members for further advice on completing the Value for Money section and is intended to complement the existing guidance.

Principal Investigator (PI) Response - For most schemes, applicants whose proposal passes the quality threshold will be given the ‘right of reply’ to the reviews received. This is known as the PI Response.

Reasons for return of reviews - This section provides a list of common reasons why the AHRC might return a review for amendment.

Conflicts of interest - This section gives examples of conflicts of interest and explain what to do if you think these is such a conflict.

Checklist for an effective review - This is a guidance checklist, collated from College members' responses, as to what constitutes an effective review.

Practice-led Research Resources in grant applications - Provides guidance on deciding if resources required for practice are an eligible charge on the grant.

Equality and Diversity - These notes provide guidance on assessing proposals fairly and how reviewers should approach their responsibilities.