Reviewer Guidance Notes

Checklist for an effective review - This is a guidance checklist, collated from College members' responses, as to what constitutes an effective review.

Standards of Service - As a member you will be required to abide by the AHRC Standards of Service which describe what we expect of you as a college member and what you can expect of the AHRC.

Conflicts of interest - This section gives examples of conflicts of interest and explain what to do if you think these is such a conflict.

Equality & Diversity - These notes provide guidance on assessing proposals fairly and how reviewers should approach their responsibilities.

Practice-led Research Resources in grant applications - Provides guidance on deciding if resources required for practice are an eligible charge on the grant.

Reasons for return of reviews -  a list of common reasons why the AHRC might return a review for amendment.

Value for Money assessment - This section has been drawn up following requests from members for further advice on completing the Value for Money section and is intended to complement the existing guidance.