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In conversation with Dr Jon Oldfield

Jonathan’s background:

Jon is a Senior Lecturer in Central and East European Studies in the School of Social and Political Sciences at the University of Glasgow. His research focuses on Russian geographical thought coupled with Soviet / post-Soviet understandings of climate change and the history of the geographical sciences in Russia. His research interest is in the history of science placing it on the boundary between the Economic & Social Research Council (ESRC) and AHRC.

Current awards

Currently, Jon holds an AHRC grant investigating “The Landscape Concept in Russian Scientific Thought c1880s-1991” (opens in new window) as well as an AHRC Research Networking Award: “Translating Russian & East European Cultures: Exchange and communication within a multidisciplinary and multicultural Area Studies context". He also holds an ESRC grant “The USSR and its contribution to global environmental understanding and policy prescription, 1945-1991“ (opens in new window).

Being a Peer Reviewer

Jon says: I was inspired to join the AHRC Peer Review College (PRC) for collegiate reasons and to learn more about the review process of the AHRC. I was also interested in being involved with academics beyond my disciplinary area and the associated exchange of ideas. He joined the Peer Review College in April 2012 and attended a PRC Induction Day in June 2012 in Newcastle. Talking about the Induction event Jon says:What particularly impressed me was the effort that everyone attending put in. The new PRC members were all well prepared and clearly wanted to get a lot out the experience. The Induction gave him a new perspective on the grant application system and a better understanding of the process.

So far he hasn’t had the opportunity to review a proposal but since undertaking the training he is looking forward to it saying: The mock panel was a real eye opener into the workings of the College. Knowing more about how the Peer Review College operates and the rigorous nature of its procedures has reinforced his faith in the fairness and transparency of the system. As a peer reviewer he is also looking forward to using his insights to benefit his University in their internal grant application processes and postgraduate training programme.