Peer Review College Membership

The AHRC's Peer Review College has around 1,150 members from higher education institutions and independent research organisations in the United Kingdom and overseas, and from outside academia.

Our Peer Review College membership list (Excel, 72KB) is updated regularly.

This short film shows footage from our latest Peer Review Induction Session in April 2018. It includes first-hand testimonials from our College Members about their experiences of being on the College, and what being a College Member means to them.



Peer Review College Membership visualisation

How to use the interactive visualisation: The interactive maps and tables on the visualisation have a selection of views. Users can change these views by selecting a College type to update the maps, or select a Research Organisation to filter the whole dashboard.

Users can also:

  • Hover over points or segments of the visualisation to bring up more information in a legend
  • Export underlying data tables for their own analysis
  • Share the visualisation with others.