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Peer Review Panels

Non-standing panels

Panels meet ad hoc according to the requirements of the scheme. Panels provide final grades and a rank-ordered list for the all the applications they are asked to assess.

College members are not appointed to panels to which they themselves have submitted a review or where they are involved in some way with a proposal that is being considered at the meeting. This reduces the risk of a conflict of interest arising.

Moderating panels

The AHRC relies on moderating panels to make funding recommendations for most schemes that have an open deadline, including Research Grants and Fellowships. Moderating panels assign final grades to proposals and then rank the proposals in order of priority for funding.

The rank-ordered list agreed by the panel forms the funding recommendation for AHRC. The role of the panel is to make judgments about the applications on the basis of feedback from peer reviewers and the principal investigator's response. It is not a panel's role to reassess applications when deciding upon a final grade.

Assessment panels

Members of assessment panels assess applications and assign a suggested grade according to the a scheme's criteria. This normally happens before the meeting. 

The panel then meets to discuss the suggested grades, agree on the final grades, and rank applications in order of funding priority. The rank-ordered list represents the funding recommendation that is made to the AHRC.