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Vision and Strategy

The 2007-2012 Vision and Strategy has now been superseded by the 2013-2018 AHRC Strategy:

'The Human World: The Arts and Humanities in our Time' (2013-2018) (PDF, 3.6MB).

The AHRC's Strategy reflects its mission as set out in its Royal Charter.

AHRC 10th Anniversary Brochure

To mark 10 years of the AHRC, we have produced this brochure to look at some of the outstanding research we have supported since 2005.

'10 Years of the AHRC' (PDF, 20.9MB).

Corporate publications

The following are the AHRC's corporate publications which are either published as HTML web pages or as PDF files.

Policies, forms and freedom of information

A list of the AHRC's policies, standards, and forms (to download) is provided in the Policies, forms and freedom of information section.

Public policy publications

A number of public policy publications are available on our website.

Reviews and reports

The following reviews and reports advocate the importance of arts and humanities research. Each document is provided as a PDF file and opens in a new window.

Cabinet Office Communications Capability Review of the UK Research Councils 2015

The Research Councils' communication capability reviews are part of a series of reviews across Whitehall departments (opens in a new window), arm’s length bodies and agencies. All seven councils were reviewed, and also the central partnership body, Research Councils UK (RCUK), along with the collective work of the Research Councils. The AHRC’s report is given here (PDF, 820KB). For the RCUK collective report please go to the RCUK website (opens in a new window).

The reports’ findings are being considered by the Research Councils.

Publications archive

The publications archive provides access to previous versions of the AHRC's Podium publication and various case studies.


The AHRC is committed to ensuring that its website is accessible and that its publications are available to all; if you would like to have any of the publications in large-print or Braille formats, please contact us at


Press enquiries

For press enquiries please use:
Telephone: 01793 416114

General enquiries

For general enquiries please use:
Telephone: 01793 416060