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Pre-Call Announcement for innovation awards under PaCCS

Date: 29/04/2016

The ESRC and AHRC will shortly be launching a further call for inter-disciplinary innovation awards under the Partnership for Conflict, Crime and Security Research (PaCCS) focusing on Conflict and International Development. This call is funded from the initial allocations the AHRC and ESRC under the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) and a core focus will therefore be on conflict-related research which has the potential to contribute to the economic development and welfare of developing countries.

Research Focus of the Call

In order to support innovation, the call will be open to applications which address any topic of relevance to the PaCCS conflict theme provided that they are focussed on conflict and human security in developing country contexts (at a community, national, regional or global scale) and its interconnections with issues of international development.

Proposals may focus on any stage of the lifecycles of conflict at a variety of scales from the community level through to the global which affect the welfare of people in developing countries, including: conflict avoidance; historical, deep rooted and protracted conflicts; phases in the development, (de-) escalation, (re-) emergence or spread of conflict; the prosecution of conflict; in-conflict development; living with conflict; international and local responses to conflict and its impacts; transitions from conflict; conflict resolution; post conflict development; peacebuilding; and addressing the legacies from conflict. Proposals may explore the intersections between conflict and a wide range of issues such as: international aid, humanitarian relief and development strategies; fragility; geopolitics; heritage; faith, ideas and ideologies; social cohesion; identities; gender; children in conflict; vulnerability; marginalisation; urbanisation; access to resources; equalities and rights; participation; migration and displaced populations; communication, media and technology – to provide just some illustrative examples from a wide range of possibilities. Proposals which explore the interconnections between conflict and other PaCCS themes of transnational organised crime and cybersecurity will also be welcomed.

Call For Interdisciplinary Innovation Awards

The aim of this call will be to support the development of innovative, adventurous, collaborative, higher risk, interdisciplinary research, including projects that are at an earlier stage of interdisciplinary evolution and/or collaborative development. Proposals will be required to span the remits of the AHRC and ESRC, combining substantial insights and expertise from both the social sciences and arts/humanities as well as involving wider disciplinary inputs where appropriate.

The development of international collaborations, support the development of future research capabilities; the involvement of non-academic stakeholders and the inclusion of pathways to impact to exploit opportunities to contribute to the economic development and welfare of developing countries will also be key features of this call. Proposals led by early career researchers will be welcomed. The types of interdisciplinary collaborative proposal supported could include, for example: exploratory, pilot, feasibility or proof of concept projects; conceptual and methodological development or innovative combinations of approaches and methods; novel integration, re-use or re-interpretation of diverse, disconnected or under-utilised research data, literatures, case studies and /or past experiences and/or uncovering ‘hidden’ conflict narratives; support for the development of new interdisciplinary, international and non-academic research partnerships and collaborations.

The call will encourage co-design and co-production of knowledge with policymakers, practitioners and communities affected by conflict, and engagement between researchers and users of research in international public and private sectors and civil society in developing countries and/or international development agencies. All projects will therefore be required to include a least one non-academic partner /collaborator in a developing country or from an organisation which supports international development and it is expected that this collaborator partner will be fully involved in the design, implementation and dissemination of the proposed research. Projects involving international research Co-Investigators, particularly in developing countries, will also be welcomed.

Projects may be up to a maximum value of £100,000 fEC and up to 18 months in duration, commencing in November 2016. We expect to fund approximately 8-12 projects through this call.

The PaCCS Conflict Theme Leadership Fellow, Professor David Galbreath is developing plans to support networking between funded projects and other PaCCS activities (including grants under the 2015 PaCCS conflict calls) as well as wider engagement activities.

Full details of the call for proposals are expected to be announced in the week commencing 16th May when the call will also formally open to applications. The closing date for full proposals (to be submitted via Je-S) is expected to be 16.00 on 28 July 2016 (tbc). Applications will be assessed by a cross-disciplinary panel which will meet in September. We hope to inform applicants of the outcome of their application at the end of September 2016.

The AHRC will be leading on the commissioning of this call and contact details for enquiries will be provided when the full call is launched in May 2016.

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