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PaCCS Transnational Organised Crime

Date: 04/12/2015

Pre-Call Notice

The ESRC and AHRC will shortly be launching a call under the Partnership for Conflict, Crime and Security Research (PaCCS) programme focusing on Transnational Organised Crime.

Research Focus

There is a need to increase our understanding of how transnational organised crime has evolved through time and in different cultural contexts, why and how it extends across borders, what draws individuals into involvement in transnational criminal groups, what impact it has on populations, and effective ways of preventing and mitigating its impact. The call will aim to fund innovative cross-disciplinary research and networking activities which explore novel approaches to persistent and/or long-term policy needs or respond to emerging challenges in a fast changing environment.

The call will be open to proposals addressing the human security dimension of any form of transnational organised crime, and the inter-sections between them and with other security challenges, including but not limited to: the illegal movement of people, goods and money across international borders; human trafficking and illicit trafficking of arms and drugs; cross-border money laundering, bribery, corruption and financing of criminal and terrorist networks; cyber enabled crime; international art, conservation and heritage crime; transnational sexual exploitation; and trade in counterfeit identities and goods. While Transnational Organised Crime will be the main focus of the call, we will welcome applications which explore linkages with other PaCCS themes, i.e. Conflict and Cyber-Security, as well as with wider questions of human security at a community, national, regional or global scale.

Call for Cross-disciplinary Innovation Awards

The call will fund research and networking activities which address Transnational Organised Crime from a range of cross-disciplinary approaches and research perspectives. Applications will be welcomed from cross-disciplinary collaborative research groups involving social scientists and arts or humanities researchers, working where appropriate with engineers and physical scientists.

The grants are intended to generate and develop innovative, cross-disciplinary research and user collaboration and engagement. Activities may include synthetic work bringing together, comparing or re-interpreting diverse literatures and/or data, capacity-building activities, exploratory and pilot studies, as well as conceptual and methodological development. Collaborations with researchers and stakeholders beyond the UK will be strongly encouraged reflecting the international nature of organised crime.

The call will encourage co-design and co-production of knowledge with policymakers and practitioners, and engagement between researchers and users of research in the public and private sectors and civil society. All projects will therefore be required to include a least one non-academic partner and it is expected that this partner will be fully involved in the design, implementation and dissemination of the proposed research. Non-academic partners may be Co-Investigators or project partners as appropriate. Please note the PaCCS External Champion is available to advise on and help facilitate such collaborations.

Projects may be up to a maximum value of £100,000 fEC and up to 18 months in duration. We expect to fund approximately 10 projects through this call. We are also planning to support networking between funding project as well as wider engagement activities. The mechanisms for these activities will be announced in the main call.

The call is expected to open on 13th January 2016 with a closing date of 16.00 on 30 March 2016.

If you have any questions please contact: TNOC@esrc.ac.uk

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