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Impact of research report highlights collaboration and policy

Date: 01/02/2016

Collaborative projects and influencing policy are key features of the AHRC's report, The Impact of AHRC Research, 2014-2015. The report is published together alongside those of the other Research Councils.

The AHRC's report shows how arts and humanities research contributes to shaping international policy making and vulnerable deaf communities. This includes, for example, research supporting the status of endangered sign languages in communities in India, new legislation in Finland, and increased transnational awareness of sign languages risk of endangerment.

In highlighting the importance of collaboration the AHRC’s Knowledge Exchange Hubs for the Creative Economy have drawn over 350 businesses (primarily SMEs and microbusinesses), 320 academics and 170 third sector organisations into new forms of collaboration. The Hubs have delivered £4.3 million into the development of 253 creative economy projects.

Finally, the report highlights the continuing importance of the creative economy to the UK and shows how AHRC funding has been vital in supporting the methodological potential of big data and digital technologies for the arts and humanities and the creative economy.

Download the full report here. (PDF, 7.7MB)

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