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Comedian David Mitchell Narrates Stuarts Animation

Date: 04/11/2016


The Stuart era – which includes the reigns of five kings, two queens, as well as Britain’s only years of republican rule – helped shape the modern nation. From the development of trade and empire to the emergence of political parties and parliamentary democracy, it was a time of massive transformations.

The Stuarts in 7 minutes, a lively animated film, is the perfect way to introduce both students and the wider public to this rich and complex period of British history

The animation has been produced in response to requests from UK school teachers. It aims to provide a framework of key details – in an accessible and engaging manner – to aid those approaching this period for the first time. It introduces, and situates in time, major figures, changes and debates. Its animation is based on a unique mirroring of the original images drawn from the period, giving the film a feeling of authenticity. The film will stimulate viewers to ask questions and extend their exploration of the Stuart century.

The animation is just part of a much wider project, the Stuarts Online, which brings together research by academics at the universities of Cambridge, Exeter, Nottingham and Oxford, and is funded by the arts and Humanities Research Council. See www.stuarts-online.com


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