Immersive Experiences Award Holders

Date: 16/01/2018

The Augmented Telegrapher: Multi‐player Mixed Reality in a Museum context
Falmouth University
Principal Investigator: Tanya Krzywinska

Space, Place, Sound, and Memory: Immersive Experiences of the Past
University of Edinburgh
Principal Investigator:  James Cook

Design Standards for Place‐Based Immersive Experiences
Glasgow School of Art
Principal Investigator:  Steve Love

XR: CIIRKES / Extraordinary Circus: Creative Immersive Interdisciplinary Knowledge Exchanges
University of Brighton
Principal Investigator: Helen Kennedy

Metamorphosis: Audiencing Atmospheres: Transforming Perceptions of Place in a Gesture‐Driven Ambisonic Environment.
Queen Mary University of London
Principal Investigator: Martin Welton

Immersive Pipeline: Production pipelines and translators for the authoring, sharing, and touring of immersive media performance works
Goldsmiths College
Principal Investigator: Atau Tanaka

Memoryscapes: re‐imagining place through immersive and participatory experiences that re‐contextualise memory assets
Northumbria University
Principal Investigator:  Jon Swords

Within the walls of York Gaol: Memory, Place and the Immersive Museum
University of York
Principal Investigator: Gareth Beale

ENSEMBLE Performing Together Apart: Enhancing Immersive Multi‐Location Co‐ Performance in Real Time
Edinburgh Napier University
Principal Investigator: Paul Ferguson

Immersive Dickens: Creating a Prototype, Mixed‐Reality Experience for 15‐18 year‐ olds
Victoria and Albert Museum
Principal Investigator: Kati Price

User Not Found: Social Media Technologies as Immersive Performance
University of Reading
Principal Investigator:  Lib Taylor

Augmented Browsing of Books in Historic Libraries
University of the Arts London
Principal Investigator:  Nicholas Pickwoad

Experiencing the Lost and Invisible: AR Visualisation of the Past at Bryn Celli Ddu, Anglesey
Manchester Metropoliton
Principal Investigator: Benjamin Edwards

Objects of Immersion
Lancaster University
Principal Investigator: Paul Coulton

Digital Engagement for Heritage‐led Urban Regeneration
University of Sheffield
Principal Investigator: Dawn Hadley

The Life of Buildings
Manchester Metropolitan University
Principal Investigator: Richard Brook

Integrated immersive inclusiveness: trialling immersive technologies in the creation of inclusive and integrated theatre for deaf audiences
University of Nottingham
Principal Investigator: Joanna Kate Robinson

Virtual Holocaust Memoryscapes: Scoping the Creation of Immersive, Spatial Archives of the Bergen‐Belsen and Neuengamme Memorial Sites
University of Leeds
Principal Investigator: Matthew Boswell

The Digital Ghost Hunt
 University of Sussex
Principal Investigator: Mary Krell

A creative partnership to develop immersive simulations of ancient heritage sites
Bournemouth University
Principal Investigator: Liz Falconer

A Sense of Place: Exploring Nature & Wellbeing through the Non‐Visual Senses
 University of Bristol
 Principal Investigator: Victoria Bates

Reality Remix
Coventry University
Principal Investigator: Ruth Gibson

vRSP: virtual (Re)Sounding of Place
University of Surrey
Principal Investigator:  Kirk Woolford

Their Memory: Exploring Veteran's Voices, Virtual Reality and Collective Memory
University of Abertay Dundee
Principal Investigator: Iain Donald

Scottish Heritage Partnership: Immersive Experiences
University of Glasgow
Principal Investigator: Murray Pittock

Immersion and Inclusive Music Performance
Queen's University of Belfast
Principal Investigator: Franziska Schroeder

'The Common Line: generating novel encounters with place through art‐geography and immersive technologies'
University of Exeter
Principal Investigator: John Wylie

Children's Magical Realism for New Spatial Interactions: AR and Archives
Newcastle University
Principal Investigator: Tom Schofield

The hills are alive: combining the benefits of natural environments and group singing through immersive experiences
University of York
Principal Investigator: Helena Daffern

The Challenge of the Xingu: indigenous cultures in the museum of the future.
Queen Mary University of London
Principal Investigator: Paul Heritage

Corpus Quod
University of Birmingham
Principal Investigator: Joanna Bucknall

Developing immersive experience at Caistor Roman Town
University of Nottingham
Principal Investigator: William Bowden

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