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Successful International Placement Scheme applicants 2019-20

Date: 13/06/2019

Harry Ransom Center (HRC), The University of Texas at Austin, USA 8 successful applicants

  • Ronald Roberts Investigating "JM Coetzee: Against Witness Literature?"
  • Caroline Hamilton Dance costume and culture: Contextualising Les Ballets 1933
  • Nerida Brand Conflicted voices: Mary E. Coleridge and the fin-de-siècle female aesthete
  • Gillian Moore "Advice, assistance and/or inspiration": Contemporary U.S. writing and the art of counsel
  • Carl White David Foster Wallace, Economic Subjectivity, and the Intensification of Neoliberal Capitalism
  • Hetty Saunders  Examining the "Mere Birds" of T. H. White's Nature Writing Through His Manuscripts, Reading, Illustrations, and Photographs
  • Joey Hornsby The French Avant-Garde 1910-1950: Between Political and Libidinal Economy
  • Patrick Armstrong Exploring the Relations Between Modernism and Optical Technologies in the Archives

The Huntington Library, California, USA 8 successful applicants

  • William Clayton Print and Radicalism: The Production, Distribution and Reception of Radical Texts in England, c.1630-1660
  • Sarah French Doings of the Sunbeam: Reintroducing Photography with the Ethnographic Collections of Annie, Lady Brassey 1839-1887.
  • Vincent Chabany-Douarre Assessing Suburban Life in Midcentury Los Angeles: Urban Policy, Western Promotion, and Women's History.
  • Kate Meakin Investigating the intersections between feminist dystopian fiction and activist narratives in the work of Octavia E. Butler
  • Emily Rowe 'Words are but the images of matter': The materiality of language in early modern England
  • Hannah Yip Visual Elements of English Printed Sermons, c. 1540 - c. 1660: Reading, Religious Politics, and Iconography
  • Gabriella Beckhurst Eco-tour: the role of modern print culture in American environmental reform
  • Alice Blow Cross-dressing in Early Modern Print

The Library of Congress (LoC), Washington DC, USA 12 successful applicants

  • Jemima Paine African American poetry in North American periodicals, 1915-45.
  • Lucy Mounfield Investigating early photographic practice and amateur photographic discourses
  • Kaja Marczewska Distribute-it-Yourself: a history of the North American small press in circulation
  • Edmund James West The Black Press and the Built Environment in Chicago
  • Jamie Fenton 'On Whose Forbidden Ear': Hearing and its Limits in the Poetry of the American Civil War
  • Sarah Margaret Grace Thomson A Transformational Conservative? Constructing Ronald Reagan's Political Legacy, 1980-1998'
  • Bethany Rebisz Humanitarian Involvement in Counter-Insurgency Warfare, Kenya and Zimbabwe c. 1952-1980.
  • Marc Ricard 'Fantastical Flora: Vegetal Imaginaries in Fin de Siècle Literature & Culture'
  • George Morris Intimacy, subjectivity and psychic research in the Harry Houdini Collection
  • Martyna Grzesiak Across space and time: the Italian language incunabula printed in Venice currently at the Library of Congress.
  • Sarah Smeed Consuming Appearances: Head Styling and Image in Euro-Indigenous relations
  • Leonard Sanderman Primary research into the writings and compositions of Dr Hodges: an interdisciplinary study of Anglo-Catholic music and theology.
  • Aleksandra Rutkowska Comparative perspective on the revival of the Visigothic past in elite funerary chapels of late medieval Castile

National Institutes for the Humanities (NIHU), Japan 2 successful applicants

  • Jack Ratcliffe Finding and using observational data to inform a Japanese-as-second language syllabus in an immersive spoken-dialogue system context
  • Chiara Comastri Democracy by the People: Yamashiro Tomoe's New Minwa Movement in Post-War Rural Japan

National Museum Institute (NMI), New Delhi, India 1 successful applicant

  • Smita Yadav Roadside Shrines and Popular Religious Icons: Uses of Vedic and Post-Vedic Gods from Early to Urban India.

Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C., USA 10 successful applicants

  • Shona Thompson Empathy and the Commemoration of Racial Violence
  • Violeta Tsenova Designing for Permanence: Design Criteria for Successful and Durable Technology in the Heritage Context
  • Francesca Kubicki A transatlantic exchange: paper plant fibres and paper products in the collections of the Smithsonian
  • Sarah Murphy-Young 'Be Healthy; Drink Milk Daily': Comparing Transatlantic Histories of Print Advertisements for the Promotion of Dairy, 1930s-1960s
  • Taryn Bell An ethnoarchaeological approach to the study of Inuit dolls
  • Rachel Smith Collecting British New Guinea: late nineteenth-century material culture collections in The Smithsonian Institution
  • Inbal Strauss Investigating the Functionality of Emery Blagdon's 'Healing Machine'
  • Tegid Watkin Comparative three-dimensional analysis of metacarpal and phalangeal torsion and joint asymmetry in humans, primates and fossil hominins
  • Arran Rees Developing a historiography of museum digital collecting practices
  • Harriet Thompson Women and technological acceleration: Telegraphic writing and the Information Age

The Yale Center for British Art (YCBA), Connecticut, USA 3 successful applicants

  • Denise Rose Hansen This Is Not a Novel: The 1960s Experimental British Novel and the Visual Arts
  • Jonathan King Queering Space and Place: The Collaborations of Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant.
  • Sarah Goldsmith Bare Bodies, Bare Knuckles and Family Sketchbooks: Investigating Eighteenth-and Nineteenth-Century Depictions of the Male Body


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