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Open space: What is the future for presentational arts in a participatory world?

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20/09/2018 11:30 am - 5:30 pm Humanities Research Institute, Upper Hanover Street, Sheffield S3 7QY

Are you an artist, manager, researcher with an interest in these questions?

  • How should the professional, presentational arts sector respond to developments in the cultural policy climate? Should they adapt or die? Or is there a place for both to co-exist and what could that art eco-system look like?
  • What are the responsibilities of researchers and practitioners working in presentational and participatory arts to ensure an effective and sustainable future? Who should be making these decisions: what effects does the location of power and funding have on the lives of the 92%?
  • Are amateur/professional, audience/performer, presentational/participatory still meaningful dualities?
  • What is our role (whoever ‘we’ are) and how can we fulfil it responsibly and to best effect?

The research on the ‘Understanding Audiences for the Contemporary Arts’ project is a minefield that is ethical, diverse, engaging research about arts practices in contemporary society. As we enter the second year of our project, we’d like to face up to those challenges and to provide an open space for discussion of the questions that matter to today’s artists, audiences and academics.

Find out more on the: Understanding Audiences for the Contemporary Arts (UACA) project website.

How to attend

Please visit our 'Open Space' Eventbrite page to register for free at: www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/open-space-presentational-arts-in-a-participatory-world-registration-48600563594.

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