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Leadership Community Engagement Event

Event date Event time Event location
07/11/2017 London

Researchers from across the AHRC subject remit, who do not currently hold or have not previously held a Leadership Fellows award, are invited to a one-day community engagement event in London on Tuesday 7 November. The aim of this event is to provide information and support to individuals who might be interested in applying for a Leadership Fellows award, and to bring together researchers from a variety of subjects to discuss leadership as a collaborative activity. There will be a focus on interdisciplinarity, and participation from all subjects and career stages will be welcomed. ARHC staff will be on hand to offer guidance to potential applicants, and there will be input from current and former Fellows, peer reviewers, and research officers.

Further information about this event will be added to this page over the coming weeks. To receive emails about this event, or to express an interest in attending, please contact

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