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Artists and Academy Workshop

Event date Event time Event location
18/01/2017 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm Royal Holloway, Bedford Square/Senate House, London

At the present time, there is an intense proliferation of creative research outputs and arts initiatives that are concerned with global environmental change. There is growing plethora of films, residencies, sound works, installations, walks, books, festivals, biennales and countless other activities, actions and collaborative endeavours being created in response to concerns about the environment, ecology, climate change and related topics. Many questions and considerations are emerging as a result of this focus and navigating these concerns is in itself a challenge on a number of levels.

The purpose of this participative workshop is therefore to create an opportunity for researchers, artists, curators and creative organisations and practitioners/activists from a range of disciplines to network, discuss and reflect on work already taking place in and around GEC with a view to building a loose but engaged network of individuals with interests in and around this topic.

The workshop will be co-led and chaired by Professor Harriet Hawkins (Co-Director of the Centre for GeoHumanities at Royal Holloway) and Evelyn Wilson (Co-Director TCCE).

Harriet currently has a Leadership Fellowship Grant funded by the AHRC and has held a development grant through the Cultural Value Project (PDF, 1022KB).

It will take as its starting point the showcasing of a range of collaborations and creative research approaches emerging in response to the global environmental change and will then go on to explore the following:

  • The value of creating a more enhanced or pervasive narrative and awareness about practices concerned with this theme and the diversity of contexts and sites in which these are taking place, from the nearby to the remote
  • The implications of a shift away from interior/institution centred approaches to arts production and knowledge generation, beyond, for example, the confines of the gallery, to work that is located or primarily manifests in spaces beyond the arts itself such as neighbourhoods, parks, forests, lakes, islands and so on
  • The impact of such work; its potential to enable greater intersections with policy-making bodies and funders and the wider potentials thereof
  • The potential for more joined up thinking, between research, the arts, government departments, publicly funded bodies and other stakeholders as emerge

This event is open to: TCCE Members, The Exchange Partners and Artists and SMEs.

After the workshop, the plan is to develop a larger-scale one-day event to take place in Autumn 2017 with the aim that the thinking and approaches coming out of the workshop will inform that event.

For more information and to register please visit the website or telephone 020 7420 9444.

Further details on access can be obtained by contacting Royal Holloway or telephoning 01784 276473 / email disability-dyslexia@royalholloway.ac.uk

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