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Migration Research Portfolio

Migration is the driver of some of the most significant demographic, social, economic, political and cultural changes of present times. It raises questions about culture, identity, society and history. Migration challenges are a long-standing focus of public debate, and a current priority in national, regional and global policy agendas across the world.

Arts and humanities research forms an essential part of the interdisciplinary approach that is required to fully understand migration.

  • It teaches us about the historical and cultural contexts of migration
  • It explores policy-making and public discourse and aims to inform and influence both
  • It sheds light on the experiences of migrants and reveals how these can be both reflected and influenced by the arts
  • It explores how the experiences of migrants can intersect with and influence the experiences of the communities that receive them.

AHRC funds migration research through targeted, strategic calls and through responsive mode funding schemes. We work in partnership with other UKRI research councils to support collaborative and interdisciplinary projects.

The portfolio of research we fund:

  • spans disciplines including languages, literature, law, history, theology, and performing arts and culture
  • focusses on a variety of thematic areas ranging from education, health and well-being to sustainability, cities and the environment
  • takes place in, and involves partners from, developed and developing countries across the world.

Migration Leadership Team

In 2017 the AHRC and ESRC launched the Migration Leadership Team. Led by Dr Laura Hammond at SOAS University of London, this team provides strategic and intellectual leadership for AHRC and ESRC’s migration research portfolios, in order to maximise their impact and identify opportunities for their development.

Keep up-to-date with the team’s activities and follow @migration_team on Twitter.