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The Brighton Fuse

Brighton Fuse started with the belief that by connecting the arts, humanities and design with digital and ICT, creativity and innovation can be enhanced.

The initial Brighton Fuse research published in 2013 revealed that high growth businesses ‘fuse’ the creative and digital in their work. Over two years the project team mapped, measured and assisted Brighton’s Creative-Digital-IT (CDIT) cluster and supported mutually beneficial connections between higher education, those engaged in the creation of arts and culture and Brighton’s digital technology sector. The Brighton Fuse report provides hard, empirical evidence of the economic impact of the arts and humanities, as drivers of innovation and growth in the digital economy.

A further study, published in January 2015, focused on freelancers within the sector. The Brighton Fuse 2 report  revealed that freelancers with more Creative-Digital ‘Fusion’ in their work achieve a higher income than the ‘un-fused’ specialists, providing further empirical evidence that self-employment in the Creative-Digital-IT sector fuels prosperity and success.

Brighton Fuse was funded by AHRC and delivered by University of Brighton, University of Sussex and Wired Sussex.

FuseBox24 is a radical programme of start-up business support hosted by Wired Sussex at their exciting new initiative in the centre of Brighton called ‘The FuseBox’.

The project, led by University of Brighton and supported by AHRC, follows on from the Brighton Fuse and has applied arts, design & humanities approaches and insights to innovation driving the new creative and digital economy.

See what FuseBox24 has discovered about the power of arts to fuel innovation.

FuseBox24 team: Gillian Youngs (University of Brighton), Phil Jones (Wired Sussex), James Byford (Wired Sussex and University of Brighton), CiCi Blumstein (Artist-in-Practice)